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5G Fifth Generation Cellular Technology

5G Lecture Slides Presented January 14, 2023 To download a PDF version of lecture slides that Oram presented on January 14, 2023 entitled, “A Review of 5G”, click here. 5G Update March 23, 2022 To download a PDF...



Safer Use of Computers

To see a list of links to EMF Meters and Instruments, EMF-shielding and other EMF products that Oram recommends, click here. Introduction There are four main kinds of EMFs, and you will potentially find all four at a computer...



Introduction to EMFs

Introduction The topic of EMFs is vast and, unfortunately, rather complicated. I will attempt in this introductory article and in the separate articles I have written on each type of EMF to educate you on the basics. This...



TVs and EMFs

Introduction TVs are difficult to be around these days for people who are sensitive and want to avoid radio frequency (RF) EMFs. That is because smart TVs now often transmit RF even when they are turned off and just on standby,...



Kitchen and Laundry Appliances and EMFs

Many clients ask if there are potentially unhealthy EMFs in their kitchens and laundry rooms, especially if they are building a new home and need to purchase new appliances. Kitchen Appliances Starting with the gas stove or...

Smart Meters


Smart Electric Meters

To view an update, dated September 16, 2013, with photos and measurements of smart electric meters in the Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) service area taken in July 2012, click here. To see my study to determine whether...



EMFs in Cars

To view an article on cell phones in cars, click here. Introduction We are often asked about EMFs in cars, and many people who are concerned about EMFs measure for them in the car they drive or in a car they are interested in...

Earthing Mats


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