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Interviews on the topics of EMFs and 5G

Scroll down to listen to and watch archived podcasts and radio programs of interviews on the topics of 5G and EMFs that I have participated in.

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New: Oram was interviewed on August 19, 2022 by former TV environmental news journalist, Alison Morrow. The two-hour interview is entitled, “EMF & 5G: Safety, Science & Media Bias” and can be found by clicking here.

To hear an interview on the full range of EMFs, with an emphasis on electric fields and the use of the EMF Safe Switch, click here. I was interviewed by Anthony Smith of EMF Safe, the manufacturer of a device to remotely shut off circuits in and around your bedroom to reduce all four types of EMFs, particularly electric fields, while you sleep. EMF Safe was created by Electrical Engineer, Dan Evison in Oregon. Their “Experts Interview Series” includes interviews with Oram (both an edited short 25-minute version and the full 77-minute version), as well as fellow building biologists Eric Windheim and Peter Sierck, fellow EMF consultant Michael Neuert, and Dan and Anthony. To access the Experts Interview Series, click on the banner that scrolls across the bottom of EMF Safe’s website home page.

To hear an audio interview with Oram on EMFs by blogger, Diane Hudon-Pleeter, entitled, The Unseen Forces: A Crash Course in EMF Protection, click here. Diane, host of the Spiritual Geek Out Podcast, interviewed Oram in September 2021 where we had a wide-ranging discussion of EMFs, including 5G. Diane is a client of Oram’s and we discussed my approaches to identifying and mitigating EMFs in her own home.

An EMF/5G interview is available with Patrick Timpone of One Radio Network. Patrick interviewed me on February 24, 2020 on EMFs and 5G Technology. The interview is entitled, “Oram Miller—Creating Safer Spaces for Those with Electrical Sensitivities”. The 42-minute audio interview can be accessed by clicking here.

Another one-hour 5G-interview is available on Green Street Radio with Patti and Doug Wood, heard live on February 18, 2020 in New York City on WBAI. The interview is entitled, “EMFs, 5G and You! A Conversation with Oram Miller”. Access the interview by clicking here.

Another 5G interview is available with Lloyd Burrell of ElectricSense. I should tell you that Lloyd usually offers the interviews of his guests to the public for 24 hours, and then makes them only available to subscribers of his EMF Experts Solutions Club thereafter. This 5G interview was originally only made available on February 20, 2020. However, Lloyd has made an exception and extended access to our 5G interview to readers of this website. That interview is now still available to you by clicking here. I thank Lloyd for his generous offer, and urge my readers to support him by subscribing to his EMF Experts Solutions Club, by clicking here. You can also sign up for Lloyd’s free newsletter to be notified of his upcoming interviews with guests on EMF topics, by clicking here.

Another 5G resource is an audio interview conducted by Camilla Rees of In the interview, entitled, “Insights on 4G/5G Antenna Densification: Oram Miller, BBEC, EMRS”, I go into detail on what 5G entails, how 4G is a big component of it, and how you can measure and protect yourself from it. To link to the free interview, click here. Camilla serves on the Advisory Board of the Building Biology Institute and was one of our contributors and editors of the Institute’s online course, 5G: Understanding The Technology & Protection Strategies.

If you purchased Josh del Sol’s 5G Summit in the past, you were eligible to purchase the 4 Solutions Masterclass. That included four additional presentations on The 4 Levels of Solution to 5G, including my presentation on 5G. At the present time, the only way to view this and the other three presentations was if you purchased the entire 5G summit and the 4 Solutions Masterclass when they were available for purchase. (The entire 5G Summit is available for purchase once again, but unfortunately not the 4 Solutions Masterclass at the present time). The 4 Solutions Masterclass may become available once again in the future. If and when that happens, we will notify you through this website. If you already purchased the 5G summit and the 4 Solutions Masterclass in the past, you can access those interviews through your account with HealthMeans. I encourage you to watch my presentation in the 4 Solution Masterclass to see a thorough overview of 5G.

I have two interviews on EMFs as part of Lloyd Burrell’s EMF Health Summit. This series of pre-recorded interviews is available for a fee. My interview with Lloyd, recorded in early summer 2018, covers EMFs, including 5G. It is entitled, “5G is Coming and What YOU Can Do About it NOW”. An earlier interview with Lloyd, entitled, “Healthy Homes: Simple Steps to Keep Your Family Safe”, was recorded several years prior. To purchase the lectures as well as the series, click here.

To watch an interview where I speak on the topic of EMFs hosted by Ben Weitz, DC, click here. That interview, recorded in September 2018, is part of Dr. Weitz’s series, The Rational Wellness Podcast. To see show notes and a full transcript of the interview, which is Rational Wellness Podcast number 75, click on Dr. Weitz’s website here.

I was a guest on March 23, 2017 on Know How Things Work with Xiren Kenny. Xiren is a musician who also has Lyme Disease. He hosts a podcast with solutions for Lyme and other illnesses from a natural perspective.
In Part One of this two-part interview, I discuss the sources of EMFs, where they are found in and around a home, how they affect your health, and why it is necessary to identify and fix them.
To see Part One, entitled, “Hazards, Myths & Scince of EMFs”, click here. Parts Two and Three, entitled, “The Most Dangerous & Overlooked EMFs”, are available here.

I was a guest on September 6, 2016 on Green Street Radio with Doug and Patti Wood on New York’s WBAI.
I spoke on many aspects of radio frequency EMF exposure from wireless devices, as well as a general review of other EMFs. (Unfortunately, the archive of the show is no longer available.)

I was a guest on May 29th, 2016 on The Unexplained with Howard Hughes on Talk Radio London.
I spoke on the newly released National Toxicology Program study correlating cancer with exposure to radio frequency radiation in laboratory animals, as well as other aspects of EMF identification and reduction. (Unfortunately, there is no archive available of the show.)

I was a guest on April 19th, 2016 on Lloyd Burrell’s Electric Sense EMF podcast.
I spoke on Electrical Hypersonsitivity Syndrome (EHS) and many of the misunderstandings circulating about EMFs. In addition to the good work being done by EMF activists and advocates, I discussed other EMFs that are less well known but nevertheless still present in homes that make certain people ill.
An archive of the interview is available through Lloyd’s paid archive subscription service. The nominal monthly fee of $12.47 helps make Lloyd’s podcasts possible. To sign up for the subscription service, click here and click on the link entitled, “Click here for more information.”
Once you have registered, categories of topics are listed on the left. Click on the category, “Electrical Sensitivity” to find a link to the archive of the show.
You can also read comments I sent to Lloyd that he posted as part of his promo for the show. I list many thoughts on EHS and the common experience of finding many electrically sensitive individuals who have successfully reduced the EMFs they knew about but are still affected by unknown EMFs in their home. To read the comments, click here.

I was a guest on two segments of Wellness for Life Radio with host, Dr. Susanne Bennett on the RadioMD network. The first was entitled, “Health Dangers of EMFs” and had an airdate of February 5, 2016. You can listen to an archive of this ten-minute interview by clicking here.
The second ten-minute interview had the same air date and was entitled, “Where Are the EMFs in Your Home or Office?” You can listen to an archive of that interview by clicking here.

I was a guest on Debra Lynn Dadd’s daily Internet radio show, Toxic Free Talk Radio on November 12, 2015. I discussed the basics of radio waves as a source of EMFs. To listen to an archive of the show, click here.

I was a guest on Debra Lynn Dadd’s daily Internet radio show, Toxic Free Talk Radio on September 30, 2015. I provided a primer on wireless EMFs, and covered other types of EMFs found in homes. To listen to an archive of the show, click here.

I was interviewed about the potential dangers of exposure to radio frequency EMFs from baby monitors by Brooke Beare, news anchor on KESQ’s CBSLocal2 News at 5:30 in Palm Springs, California, which aired on November 10, 2014. To read a transcript of the six minute piece, click here (the archive of the video clip is no longer available).

I was a guest on Carole Dean’s Weekly Podcast, The Art of Film Funding. The interview was conducted on July 16, 2014. The show is geared to members of the film industry, but the information I covered on EMFs is applicable to all, including a discussion of the benefits that Carole has personally experienced since I evaluated her home in Oxnard earlier in 2014. You can listen by clicking here. The one hour program is entitled, “Can reducing your WiFi exposure keep you energized on the set?”

I was a guest on Evan Brand’s Weekly Podcast, Not Just Paleo. The show was recorded in June but is available as Podcast #85, released on July 9, 2014. You can listen by clicking here. The one hour program is entitled, “Healthy Home Environments and EMF Protection.”

I was a guest on Dr. Rima Health Reports with Dr. Rima Laibow and Ralph Fucetola on Revolution Radio, Studio B, on June 5, 2014. To listen, click here. My interview begins at 19:16; that is, 19 minutes, 16 seconds, into the two hour show.

I was a guest on The Morning Show with Patrick Timpone on One Radio Network on April 28, 2014.
I was able to go into great detail on EMFs for more than 2.5 hours. To listen, click here, scroll down past my photo, and click on “Download” or the gray right-hand arrow next to the speaker icon to start the show.

I was a guest on Debra Lynn Dadd’s daily Internt radio show, Toxic Free Talk Radio on January 8, 2014. I discussed the emerging concept of “The Internet of Everything”, where our homes are completely integrated wirelessly. To listen to an archive of the show, click here.

I participated in the filming of an EMF healthy home evaluation with fellow building biologists Ron & Lisa Beres of the Healthy Home Dream Team, Irvine, California.
We were the guests of Whitney Lauritsen of Eco Vegan Gal in Los Angeles in November 2013. This video is available on YouTube by clicking here. My EMF evaluation begins at moment 11:25, but I encourage you to also see the work of Ron and Lisa as they evaluate the Indoor Air Quality of Whitney’s home in the first part of the clip.

Brenda Harper’s Show, “Piece of Mind Radio”
I was interviewed on “Piece of Mind Radio”, a weekly program on NewsRadio 99.1FM / AM730 KINF in Nampa, Idaho. I appeared on Saturday, August 24, 2013.
The podcast of my eleven minute EMF interview can be found by clicking here.
To listen to the interview directly on your computer now, click here.

Josh Lane’s Show, “Here’s to Your Health”
I was interviewed on “Here’s to Your Health”, a weekly program on LATalkLive, an award-winning Internet-based radio and TV network, hosted by Josh Lane, proprietor of The Vitamin Center in Agoura Hills, California.
I appeared on Tuesday, August 27, 2013.
I was the last guest of the three-hour show (right after Earl Mendell, the vitamin guru). Each segment is one half-hour.
To watch the segment, go to the show page by clicking here. Find the link on the right for the show dated August 27, 2013 and click on it to open the video player. Click on the “Play” arrow (the triangle pointing to the right in the video player) to start the show at the beginning. Then you can either watch the entire three-hour show and see Josh’s other guests who come on before me (I am the last guest), or slide the timer on the bottom of the video screen to the right to 151:40 (which means, 151 minutes, 40 seconds) to begin the last half-hour segment when I appear. Hover your mouse over the video screen to see the time slider appear at the bottom.
(It may take a few minutes for the file to load on your computer, filling the “cache,” before you can slide the timer all the way over to minute 151. You can only slide the timer over as far as the curved white line extends, which you will see very gradually advancing to the right over time. Just be patient. When the white line has reached almost all the way over to the right, then you can slide the round button to 151:40 to begin the last half-hour segment.)

Sceptor Internet Radio: Dr. Robin Falkov’s Show, “What They Don’t Want You to Know”
I was interviewed on two separate occasions on Dr. Robin Falkov’s weekly Internet radio show on June 19, 2013 and again on June 26, 2013. You can listen to archives of my appearance on these two shows. The show lasts for three hours, and Oram was on during hour two and hour three on both shows.

To listen to my interviews, go to the website page for archives of Robin’s show by clicking here.

Find the shows for June 19 and June 26, 2013, and then click on the link for either Server One, Server Two or Server Three for the show you want to listen to. Be patient. It may take up to one minute or longer for the horizontal radio player to display and for the show to start playing on your speakers. If the show does not start within a minute or so, that server may be busy. Click the back button on your browser and click the link for one of the other two servers for that show.

On both shows, once the music has started, move the diamond-shaped button one third of the way along the audio player to get to the start of the second hour of the three-hour show, where my interview begins. You can, however, hear the host, Dr. Robin Falkov, introduce herself and give her background by listening to the beginning of each show. Robin has another guest on the first hour each time.

I begin speaking at 3:31 into the second hour of the June 19th show and at 0:03 into the second hour of the June 26th show, again, found by moving the diamond with your cursor approximately one third of the way to the right along the audio player in each case.

I suggest you start with the show on June 19, 2013, where I introduce Building Biology and give an overview of EMFs. We then spend the remainder of the two hours talking in depth on the topic of radio frequencies and the potential harm to human health from long-term exposure to wireless devices. In my second hour (the third hour of the show), I cover in detail practical solutions on how to stay connected by phone and on the Web while avoiding exposure to these potentially harmful fields.

In the second show on June 26, 2013, I finish discussing radio frequencies and then discuss EMFs from magnetic and electric fields. Unfortunately we had technical difficulties staying connected during my first hour on the second show (hour two of the show), but hang in there and the conversation continues after a couple of minutes. The last hour has no technical problems.

Cindy Sage & LA DWP discuss ‘Smart’ Meters (part 2)
From Environmental Options Network
A neighborhood meeting was held May 8, 2013 by the Woodland Hills, California Neighborhood Council on the topic of the installation of smart meters through a pilot project implemented by Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LA DWP). A representative of the utility, Marcelo Di Paolo, spoke, followed by Cindy Sage of Sage Consulting in Santa Barbara. Details of the meeting are given on my smart meter article page.
I was present and spoke during the public comment section on his experience with clients who are effected by smart meters, and on the need for DWP to implement an opt-out program, as is offered by every other electric utility in the state. Mr. DiPaulo of DWP indicated that customer participation in the pilot program was, indeed, voluntary.
You can hear my two-minute comments starting at 20:17 (20 minutes, 17 seconds) into the video. (At 20:00 during my comments, I mistakenly said, “All these wireless devices are safe…,” when I meant to say, “We say all these wireless devices are safe….”)
To see part 1, which includes Cindy Sage’s presentation, click here.

Designs for Health Clinical Rounds Interviews: Cell phones, Wi-Fi, and the Wiring in Your Home: EMF Hazards and Solutions

I was interviewed twice on a weekly national conference call for health care practitioners called Clinical Rounds Interviews provided by Designs for Health. This call occurred first on the evening of November 3, 2010, and again on October 26th, 2011. Over one hundred health professionals on both calls heard detailed information on the health effects of EMFs and what to do about them. I also provided updates on the second call about the wonderful developments in Europe by the Council of Europe recommending more stringent safety limits for EMFs and the WHO International Association on Cancer Research classifying cell phones as “possibly” carcinogenic, as well as the growing prevelance of Smart electric meters.

You can listen to both archived calls by clicking below:
To listen to the latest call in October 2011, click here.
To listen to the first call in November 2010, click here. This will download an MP3 file onto your computer hard drive. It may take a few moments for the file to download. Once it has downloaded, find the file and click on it and it will begin to play through your computer’s default audio player. This is a very informative call that covers in great detail the material that Oram presents in his EMF lecture.

Dr. Howard Liebowitz’s Talk Radio Podcast “Hormones Spoken Here”

I was interviewed live on Dr. Howard Liebowitz’s Talk Radio Podcast “Hormones Spoken Here”.

I was a guest on Dr. Liebowitz’s weekly web radio program. Dr. Liebowitz started out discussing hormones and health and has now branched out into other health-related subjects.

I presented information on the health effects of EMFs from such sources as wireless devices and house wiring.

To listen to an archived version of the show on your computer, click here.

You may hear a radio commercial played over the introductory remarks between the host, Dr. Liebowitz, and his co-host, Kelly Pappas. If you do, when the commercial is over, the show will begin again on your computer. Oram begins his remarks about five minutes into the program–after the introductory music finally comes to an end! (Sorry that the volume of my voice drops lower from time to time, but it always comes back up and the information is really important.)

AM 950 KTNF’s “Raising the Consciousness”

Radio interview on August 9, 2009 with Susan Shehata and Colleen Buckman, hosts of Raising the Consciousness on AM 950 KTNF in Minneapolis.
Susan is a speaker and teacher of the Healing Arts and proprietor of Sacred Rearrangements Shop and Healing Center in Uptown, Minneapolis. Colleen is Founder and Artistic Director of Fair Trade Om, a philanthropic production company in Minneapolis that connects socially conscious businesses with artists to promote music, festivals and film.

My August 9th, 2009 appearance covered the health effects of exposure to electric and magnetic fields from house wiring.

On the 9th of August, my interview begins in the second segment, about 22 minutes into the one hour time of the show.

To listen to the interview, click here for the Raising the Consciousness Show Archives page. Scroll down to “Show #47: Health Care Guest:Oram Miller.”

Click on the link for the show. The show will start playing in Quicktime (or the default audio player for your computer). When the audio starts, you can listen to the entire show or move the cursor along the horizontal time line to the right to hear the segment when Oram was interviewed. Go to approximately one quarter to one third of the way along the time line from the left starting point for the beginning of the interview, which lasts for the entire rest of the show.

Air America’s “Clout”

Radio interview on May 30, 2008 with Richard Greene, host of Clout, on Air America Radio.
To listen to Part 1, click here.
To listen to Part 2, click here.
To listen to Part 3, click here.

AM 950 KTNF’s “Everything Green Radio”

Radio interviews on September 6th, 2008 and December 13th, 2008 with Rachel Maloney and Ryan North, hosts of Everything Green Radio on AM 950 KTNF in Minneapolis.
Rachel is proprietor of Natural Built Home and Ryan is co-owner of Twin Cities Green, both in Minneapolis.

My September 6th, 2008 appearance covered general topics on Building BiologyTM, including the health effects of electric and magnetic fields, water intrusion, mold, and checmical outgassing in homes. My December 13th, 2008 appearance focused more deeply on the health effects of exposure to EMFs (electro-magnetic fields).

On both dates I was interviewed for about 14 minutes starting approximately halfway through the one hour radio program.

To go directly to the interviews, click here for the Everything Green Radio Shows page. Scroll down to “Show 121 – Recycled Gifts and Electromagnetic Fields” for the EMF show and scroll further down to “Show 107 – The lowdown on Minneapolis Solid Waste and Recycling and Healthy Home Building BiologyTM” for the general show on Building BiologyTM.

When you click on the link for the specific show, click on “Listen Now – Click Here!.” When the audio program starts, you can listen to the entire show or move the cursor along the horizontal time line to the right to hear the segment when Oram was interviewed. Go to 27:58 (27 minutes and 58 seconds) for the EMF show or 28:03 (28 minutes and 03 seconds) for the general Building BiologyTM show.

CD-ROM of Presentation to “Life Unlimited”

The Invisible Hazard: The Electromagnetic Fields Around Us
Presentation to Life Unlimited in Eagan, Minnesota in April 2008
For a CD-ROM audio copy of the lecture, contact Carol Carlson at 651-454-6891.
Life Unlimited is a monthly lecture series held in Eagan, Minnesota on health-related topics.