New Building Projects

Oram Miller, BBEI, has participated in the design and construction of numerous building projects around the country.

Most of the projects are new and remodeled single-family residences where Oram works closely with the homeowner, as well as their architect, builder and subcontractors. Recommendations are provided at the design stage and at all phases of construction to help create not only a sustainable and “green” home, but one that is healthier as well.

Oram has worked extensively on numerous building projects in Minnesota, Wisconsin and elsewhere throughout the country. He is currently consulting on new construction and remodeling projects in Massachusetts, Illinois, Minnesota and California. Scroll down this page for photos of new home projects.

For more information on Oram’s consulting services, click here. To read Comments from Clients who are involved in new building and remodeling projects, click here.

Note: To view a PDF version of the slides presented at Oram’s Healthy New Building lecture, click here.

Single-Family Residential Projects

Three examples of residential building projects that Oram has consulted on include the following:

New Residence in Western suburbs of Minneapolis, Minnesota

This residence is built with Durisol wall forms supplied by Durisol of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada (905-521-0999).
The architect is SALA of Excelsior, Minnesota (952-767-3208).
The builder is Howard Homes of Princeton, Minnesota (763-286-1164).

For more photos and information on this project, click here.

New Residence in Edina, Minnesota

This residence is also built with Durisol wall forms.
The architect is RKD Architects of Edwards, Colorado (970-926-2622), using a design inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright.
The builder is Choice Wood Company of Saint Louis Park, Minnesota (952-924-0043).

For more photos and information on this project, click here.

New Residence in Minneapolis, Minnesota

This residence is built with Faswall wall forms supplied by ShelterWorks of Philomath, Oregon (541-929-8010).
The architect is Richard Venberg of Minneapolis, Minnesota (612-331-3032).
The building is supervised by Swainhart Construction Services of Minneapolis, Minnesota (612-724-8288) and by the homeowner herself, Barb Lutz, who served as general contractor.

For more photos and information on this project, click here.

Commercial and Large-Scale Residential Projects

Oram has also worked with developers of large scale commercial and residential projects who wished to build healthy living and work spaces.

Examples include:

Le Parisien Flats and Market Place, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Le Parisien Flats and Market Place is an award-winning mixed use five story condominium project located at 2301 Lyndale Avenue South in Minneapolis. Incorporating European design, the developers used the principles of Building Biology and Feng Shui to create a healthy and holistic environment for occupants.

The design is eco-friendly, making use of water conservation, acoustic engineering, and renewable resources and principles. The roof is solar-ready for the addition of passive solar heating panels and photovoltaic electric panels in the future.

Each of the thirteen condo units feature Building Biology principles in their design, such as wood floors with in-floor radiant heat, green and non-toxic building materials, cross ventilation and the lack of common hallways. A healthy wiring protocol was followed to reduce occupant exposure to harmful electro-magnetic fields.

Developed by Mark Dziuk and Steve Johnson of Velocity Investments. Call 612-548-4848 for more information.

Mandala Club, Vero Beach, Florida

Mandala Club is a 90 unit residential community on the east coast of Florida in Vero Beach. Single family villas, cottages and estate homes as well as condominium units are available, all built according to the priniciples of Vedic Green Design and Building Biology.

Vedic Green Design is based on Vastu, the ancient building practice of India brought to light in recent times by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Vedic Green Design incorporates principles known throughout the ages to promote better health and success in life. All homes in Mandala Club are designed to be energy-efficient, ecological, and non-toxic.

Oram Miller, BBEI, along with his mentor and colleague, Spark Burmaster, worked with the developers at the initial design stages to create a low-EMF environment in each of the Mandala Club homes so that they are as “electrically and magnetically clean” as possible, based upon prinicples taught by Building Biology.

Please click here to see a Rendering Gallery of the site plan, cottages, villas, homes and condominiums.

Mandala Club is developed by Richard Bialosky, AIA and David Ederer. Call 772.234.3118 for more information.