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ElectraHealth JRS Eco 100 D2 on Asus Low-emission and automatic sleep-mode AC1900 Router

This WiFi Router has a significantly reduced radio frequency output, up to 97-99%, yet most people report coverage is adequate. (That tells you most routers are overpowered in terms of the strength of the radio frequency signal.) We always advocate being hardwired with an Ethernet cable for your computer needs, but when your situation requires a router with WiFi to be present in the home, this is the model to use. To order, click here.

The JRS Eco 100 D2 on Asus router is the top-of-the-line wireless router (also features wired ports) that is extremely-low-emissions when compared to and ordinary Wi-Fi router.

Developed in Europe since 2011 – now available from shipping right from our warehouse in the USA. The JRS Eco 100 on Asus router is an Asus wireless router that has been specially programmed with unique software unavailable anywhere else. It was developed in Europe by an electrical engineer to produce the least amount of radiation possible. The Asus WiFi router has been transformed into a new advanced wireless router capable of low emissions.

Ordinary modern Wi-Fi routers transmit wireless radiation signals at least 20 times per second at max power. Modem/routers provided by Internet service providers are usually even far worse than this! This subjects you and your family and loved ones to 24/7 constant radiation at high levels, even when you aren’t using Wi-Fi devices at all!

The JRS Eco 100 D2 solves these problems in 4 ways:

Transmits only 2 times per second instead of 20.
Goes into “sleep” mode when you turn off the WiFi on your wireless devices or put them into Airplane mode. The router knows it is no longer needed and completely stops all signals. Instantly wakes up when you turn a WiFi device back on.
In addition to transmitting way less frequently and being able to go to sleep when not needed, the transmit power is also greatly reduced on the JRS Eco 100 D2. Can be set to transmit even less depending on the range you require.
Features a physical wireless on/off button to turn off the wireless signal whenever you like.

Body Voltage Home Test Kit

Measure nighttime electric fields at your bed, or measure daytime electric fields at your desk, accurately using this body voltage meter kit.

The Kit is available for $137 from Electrahealth by clicking here.

Be sure you are in the AC (Alternating Current) Voltage setting, with the V with the tilda next to it (which looks like a sine wave) in the 12 noon to 2:00 position on the rotary dial of the meter (if you imagine it is like a clock). Do not use the DC Voltage setting, which is in the 2:00 to 4:00 position with the V with a dash and dotted line next to it.

Start in the 2 Volts setting, which gives you the most digits to the right of the decimal place. If the reading is higher than 2 Volts (2,000 mV), the screen will be blank and you will have to change to the 20 V (20 Volt) setting. That will shift the decimal point one place to the right but you will be able to then measure up to 200 Volts (200,000 mV).

You will always need to convert the reading you get on this meter that displays in Volts to milliVolts (mV) so that you can compare the reading you get to the Building Biology Safe Guidelines (see below). Do this by simply moving the decimal three places to the right. Remember, there are 1,000 milliVolts in one Volt.

Compare the reading you get to section A2 of our Building Biology Safe Guidelines for sleeping areas, linked to here. Ideally, at night we want to be below 100 mV when we sleep, which reads 0.1 V on this meter. Ideal nighttime readings would be below 100 mV, such as 30-70 mV, which would read 0.03 to 0.07 V on this meter.

In the daytime, you want to be as close to 100-200 mV as possible at your desk (which reads 0.1-0.2 V). To learn how to accomplish this, read my Electric Field EMF article by clicking here.

Shielded Surge Protector Power Strip

The power cord on this surge protector power strip is shielded from the wall to the outlets on the surge protector. When you flip off the on/off switch, you kill power (voltage) to any cords that are plugged in, thereby eliminating electric fields from all cords plugged in at once. The surge protector’s power cord to the wall, however, is shielded so it never emits an electric field. You can leave that plugged in and you will have no electric fields from the surge protector itself when you flip off the switch. To order, click here.

Shielded Extension Cord — Light Almond — Various Lengths

Comes in 8, 16, 30 and 60 foot lengths. To order, click here.

The shielded extension cord allows you to shut off the breaker for a plastic-jacketed Romex circuit within six to eight feet of any part of your body where you sit or stand in the day and evening time when you need power. This eliminates unhealthy AC electric field levels. Then, plug this extension cord into an outlet that is powered by a different circuit that is still on (beyond the six to eight foot safe zone around your body) and bring it into your safe space.

You can then plug a lamp into it that is itself rewired with shielded MuCord (see below). (Or, order a piece of MuCord to rewire the lamp that is long enough to reach the distant outlet that is still on and avoid using the shielded extension cord). If you use this shielded extension cord for anything else, be sure that whatever you plug into it is kept as far as possible from any part of your body, preferably beyond six to eight feet. If not, the cord on the appliance itself and the 120 Volt wire inside the appliance will emit an electric field.

Shielded Power Cable Cord — Various Lengths

Comes in 6 foot lengths (click here) and 12 foot lengths (click here).

Use with your computer monitor, computer tower (central processing unit, or CPU), printer and any other device that matches with the three-slit socket at the end of this cord. (Some monitors, computers and printers will not accept this cord.) Shields AC electric fields.

Grounding Cords for Laptops (USB), and for Fabrics and Metal Desks & Beds (Alligator Clip):

USB Grounding Adapter for Laptops and Other Devices


The USB grounding adapter allows you to ground a PC or Mac laptop through a USB port without losing that port for USB connections. To order, click here.

Use this adapter to keep AC electric field EMFs low and safe when using your PC laptop with a power cord that has an ungrounded two-pronged plug on it, or your Mac laptop has the adapter on the transformer with the two blades that swing out to plug into a surge protector or the wall outlet but no ground prong is present. (Click here to order a Mac grounded AC laptop cord.) If your MacBook has no USB port, this adapter will not help you. In that case, use the Mac grounded AC laptop cord just linked to.

You can also use this USB grounding adaptor when your laptop is on battery but you have an ungrounded Ethernet cable plugged in so it is hardwired to avoid WiFi. (See below for an Ethernet Grounding Adapter Kit to ground the Ethernet cable itself.) This adapter will also help when you use the Ethernet grounding adapter kit listed below but the laptop’s Ethernet port is not surrounded by metal for grounding.

You can always verify that proper grounding has taken place by using a Body Voltage Home Test Kit from Electrahealth. Set the meter up according to directions and then touch the laptop’s metal surface with the fingers of your free hand (not holding the body voltage kit’s metal handle) to see if the reading goes down, or at least stays the same, on the meter. If it goes up, your laptop is not grounded. To troubleshoot, unplug the USB plug of the grounded adapter and touch it. The reading should go down. If not, the outlet’s ground may not work or it may be loose. Test with an Outlet Hot-Neutral-Ground Tester with GFCI button.

Grounding Cord with Outlet Plug and Heavy-Duty Strong Alligator Clip


The Grounding cord with outlet plug and heavy-duty alligator clip allows you to ground fabric and metal objects that you sit at or sleep on. To order, click here.

Use this adapter to ground fabric, such as an RF bed canopy or a mat you sit on, or a metal desk and bed frame. Do this where you need to ground the bed canopy, fabric or metal desk or bed frame to earth or to the room’s electrical outlet ground in order to reduce AC electric fields where you sleep and where you sit and use a computer.

Many RF-bed canopy fabrics are not able to be grounded because the silver threads of the fabric, which successfully block RF signals to a good degree, are embedded in cotton, which renders them un-groundable. Only certain brands of RF canopies use fabric that is able to be grounded. These are the Swiss Shield Naturell Ultra, sold either by Safe Living Technologies or Electrahealth. Also, the Dream Canopy, sold by LessEMF, is able to be grounded.

Likewise, metal parts of most desks and bed frames are often coated in plastic epoxy, which renders them un-groundable. You need to scrape that away or find a non-coated bolt to attach the alligator clip to in order to ground the metal of the desk or bed frame.

You should always verify that proper grounding has taken place by using a Body Voltage Home Test Kit from Electrahealth. Set the meter up according to directions and then touch the fabric or metal desk leg or bed frame with the fingers of your free hand (not holding the body voltage kit’s metal handle) to see if the reading goes down, or at least stays the same, on the meter. If it goes up, your fabric or desk or bed frame is not grounded for the reasons mentioned in the previous paragraphs. To troubleshoot, unplug the USB plug of the grounded adapter and touch it. The reading should go down. If not, the outlet’s ground may not work or it may be loose. Test with an Outlet Hot-Neutral-Ground Tester with GFCI button.

Ethernet Grounding Adapter Kit

The Ethernet grounding adapter kit helps keep AC electric field EMFs low when you plug an Ethernet cable into your laptop to connect to the Internet with the laptop in Airplane mode (WiFi and Bluetooth disabled on a Mac). The problem with doing that is the Ethernet cable brings in a high level of AC electric field exposure to the device you are putting your hands on to. This is because the Ethernet cable is plugged into a router, Network Adapter, or data switch/Ethernet hub that is itself powered by a two-pronged, ungrounded plug. To order, click here.

You in effect solve one type of EMF, that is, radio frequencies (RF), by shutting off the WiFi and using an Ethernet cable, but you create a second type of EMF, that is, electric fields, when using an Ethernet cable that is ungrounded and plugged into a laptop that is on battery (and therefore not grounded through an AC power cord with a three-pronged plug). This makes you tired when you use your laptop for extended periods of time. This can also happen when you use the hardwired workaround for iPhones and iPads. (Scroll down to section 7 in the Table of Contents on the left, “How to Connect to the Internet from an iPad or iPhone With WiFi Disabled”.)

The solution is to use this Ethernet grounding kit along with a shielded, grounded Ethernet cable. This is a simple way to ground an Ethernet cable without having to use your grounded AC power cord to ground your laptop or having to attach a USB-to-Ground adapter to the USB port on the back of your router (although, that is still probably a good idea).

The Ethernet grounding adapter kit comes with a short, 5-inch shielded, grounded Ethernet cable. Plug one end of that into the router, Ethernet hub/switch, or data port at the wall. Plug the other end of the short Ethernet cable into the female-to-female Ethernet coupler of the Ethernet grounding adapter kit. Plug the plug on the end of the green ground wire into a nearby electrical outlet that you verify is properly grounded. Then plug your long Ethernet cable into the other end of the Ethernet coupler. This long Ethernet cable needs to be shielded and grounded. Click here for a large selection of shielded, grounded Cat 6 and 7 Ethernet cables. One suggested choice is the item below, where you can choose from among many different lengths for a shielded, grounded Cat 6 Ethernet cable. This particular link brings up a 50 foot cable, but scroll down to “Size” to choose the length you want:

Cable Matters Snagless Cat 6a / Cat6a (SSTP/SFTP) Shielded Ethernet Cable in Blue 50 Feet – Available 1FT – 200FT in Length

A 7-foot Cat 7 shielded, grounded Ethernet cable is available here:

Tera Grand – Premium CAT7 Double Shielded 10 Gigabit 600MHz Ethernet Patch Cable for Modem Router LAN Network – Built with Gold Plated & Shielded RJ45 Connectors, 7 Feet Black

A 25-foot Cat 7 shielded, grounded Ethernet cable is available here:

CAT7 Ethernet Cable 25 ft – RJ45 Connector – 10GB Network Patch LAN Modem Router Dual Shielded STP – 25 Feet (7.6 Meters) Cat-7 Ethernet Cable

Here is a link to order a Grounded Cat7 Ethernet cable in various lengths. Some come in 2 packs. Click here and choose your length.

By using this Ethernet grounding adapter kit, you could be on battery when using an Ethernet cord plugged into your laptop and therefore be tethered by only one cord, the Ethernet cable, which can be as long as you like. Make sure the ground at your outlet or surge protector is good, verified by an Outlet/Receptacle Tester.

See the Amazon Order Codes page for various adapters to connect Ethernet cables to thinner MacBooks and MicroSoft Surface laptops that don’t have an Ethernet port.

Of course, if you connect your AC power cord to your laptop while you use it, and that AC power cord is properly grounded, you won’t need this grounding adapter kit. Also, if you have a somewhat older MacBook that still has a USB port, you could also use a USB Ground Cord from LessEMF instead of the Ethernet grounding adapter kit. The kit can be used in any application, but it is the only option when you have the newest MacBook with only USB-C adapters. See Safer Use of Computers and scroll to the Radio Frequency EMF section for more details.

RF Bed Canopies

Electrahealth sells several models of RF bed canopies made by Swiss Shield, including Naturell and Daylight. This also includes the Conductive Swiss Shield Naturell Ultra. Electrahealth sells all their canopies using the decorative premium style, meaning a larger frame is used to suspend the canopy from above, giving more head room and less of a claustrophobic feeling with narrower models using a mosquito net type of structure. Daylite blocks RF up to 24 dB (99.6%) and Naturell, including Ultra, blocks RF up to 40 dB (99.99%) — in laboratory testing. Use a floor mat when a living space is below the bedroom. See the selection of RF bed canopies from Electrahealth by clicking here.

To specifically link to the Conductive Naturell Ultra canopy, click here.