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Combination Meters

Tri-Field Meter (Model TF2)

ESI 24 EMF Monitor

AC Magnetic Field EMFs

Switchable Single Axis and 3-Axis Gaussmeter (Model UHS2) (for measuring AC magnetic fields)

3-axis Backlight Gauss Meter (for measuring AC magnetic fields)

Magnii DSP-523 (for measuring AC magnetic fields)

Pro 1-Axis Gaussmeter (for measuring AC magnetic fields)

Gauss Master (for measuring AC magnetic fields)

Buzz Stick (for indicating the presence of AC magnetic fields)

AC Magnetic Field Shielding Products

Harapad (to protect you from AC magnetic fields created by a laptop computer)

G-Iron (to shield AC magnetic fields)

Mag-Stop Plates (to shield AC magnetic fields) (click here to see specifications on Mag-Stop plates as well as instructions on how much area you will need to cover with G-Iron or Mag-Stop plates)

AC Electric Field EMFs

Body Voltage Meter (for measuring AC electric fields) (click here for a protocol on how to take electric field measurements, and click here and scroll down on the right of the main page to see a video on how to take body voltage measurements with this body voltage meter)


Power Cord, Shielded, 6-foot

Power Cord, Shielded, 12-foot

Ex-Static Conductive Fabric

Conductive Tubing (You must use a Plug to Gator cord to make this work. Order one below.)

USB Ground Cord

Plug to Gator Cord

Plug to Ring Cord

Shielded Switch Plates and Outlet Covers (Polished Chrome)

Outlet Shut-Off Switch

Socket Tester Including Proper Ground Test

Radio Frequency EMFs

Acoustimeter AM-11 (for measuring radio frequency EMFs)

GigaHertz Solutions HF35C (for measuring radio frequency EMFs)

Acousticom2 (for measuring radio frequency EMFs)

Radio Frequency-Shielding Products

Y-Shield Paint (to see detailed information on applying Y-Shield paint, including grounding, click here)

CuPro-Cote Paint

Grounding Kit (to see detailed information on applying Y-Shield paint, including grounding, click here)


RF Bed Canopy


RadioFilm – 12 inches wide

ScotchTint – 36 or 60 inches wide

Window Film Installation Kit

Silver Mesh Shielding Fabric – silver-plated nylon, 58 inches wide

Radioscreen – nickel over copper plating, 54 inches wide

Signal Tamer (for blocking Wi-Fi radio frequencies from routers—two sizes available)

Extra Strength Signal Tamer (for even better blocking of Wi-Fi radio frequencies from routers—two sizes available)

WaveCage Box (for blocking Wi-Fi radio frequencies from routers and other wireless devices of larger size–and regular size, too)

RadiaFence (for blocking Wi-Fi radio frequencies from routers and other wireless devices)

BlockSock (blocks radio frequency EMFs from cell phones)

RF Shielding Clothing

Belly Band

Air Tube Headsets This will fit directly into an Android cell phone and iPhones before version 7 If you have an iPhone later than version 7, you will need a 3.5 mm to Lightning adapter. Purchase one from Amazon by clicking here.

Cell Phone Shields (scroll down the page for a large selection of cell phone cases and pouches)

Ferrite Snap Bead

iPad Pouch

Ultra Low EMF Telephone (with 3-foot plastic headset cord; 12-foot extension cable for headset cord extra — phone is black, not white as pictured on the LessEMF website)

Economy Exterior Smart Meter Shield Kit

Dirty Electricity EMFs

Stetzer Microsurge Meter (for measuring Dirty Electricity EMFs)

Single Stetzer Filter

Books and DVDs

Tracing EMFs in Building Wiring and Grounding

Other Meters

Radex RD1503 Low Cost Radiation Monitor

Ranger Geiger Counter