Category: EMFs

Introduction to EMFs

Introduction The topic of EMFs is vast and, unfortunately, rather complicated. I will attempt in this introductory article and in the separate articles I have written on each type of EMF to educate you on the basics. This...

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Magnetic Field EMFs (at 60 Hz AC)

Magnetic Field Exposure Introduction In general, while electric field exposure in homes creates an agitating influence on the body that does not allow deep, restful sleep, magnetic field exposure, on the other hand, creates what...

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Electric Field EMFs (at 60 Hz AC)

Introduction Electric fields are an anomaly in the EMF world. They are little known by most people, including those who are experts at EMFs. Most importantly, they are not known by those who suffer from their presence. Electric...

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Radio Frequency EMFs

Introduction You can be exposed to potentially harmful radio frequencies from multiple sources both outside as well as within a building. Outside sources include broadcast radio and television antennas, cellular telephone...

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Finally, a Good Night’s Sleep!

This is the fourth in a series of Articles on EMFs written by Oram Miller, BBEI. The series is inspired by fellow building biologists Ron & Lisa Beres, based in Irvine, California. Ron and Lisa have invited Oram to write...

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