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Introduction to EMFs

Oram Miller on the Signs of EMF Sensitivity

Videos & Slides on EMFs

Videos of Oram’s EMF Presentations and Slides of Lectures

This page contains links to videos of my recent EMF lectures and presentations, as well as power point slides of EMF lectures, in PDF format.

Links to video and audio interviews can be found on a separate page, Interviews with Oram on Podcast and Radio. These include an extensive list of archives of podcasts and radio programs of interviews that I have participated in over the years on the topics of 5G and EMFs.

To view a list of links to webinars on EMFs that I have participated in, click here.

To begin with, an eight-part series, the Science of Building Biology, presented by me and my colleagues from the Building Biology profession, is available on the Building Biology Institute’s website, on their Free Videos page, located under the Resources tab. These presentations were taped at the headquarters of the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI) in Boulder, Colorado.

The presentations include the following topics:

  • Part One: Assessing Indoor Environmental Health Hazards, presented by Diana Schultz, BBEC, EMRS, Orlando, Florida
  • Part Two: EMR/EMF Measurements, Instruments, and Remediation, presented by Lawrence Gust, EEng, BBEC, EMRS, Ventura, California; Oram Miller, BBEC, EMRS, Los Angeles, California; and Misty Jordan, BBEC, EMRS, Boulder, Colorado
  • Part Three: Health Risks from Ungrounded Household Appliances, presented by Riun Ashlie, EMRS, Boulder, Colorado
  • Part Four: Professional Home Survey Of Magnetic Radiation Sources, presented by Lawrence Gust, EEng, BBEC, EMRS, Ventura, California
  • Part Five: Common Wiring Errors That Imperil Health in Homes, presented by Oram Miller, BBEC, EMRS, Los Angeles, California
  • Part Six: Health Risks From Electrical Current Transformers, presented by Lawrence Gust, EEng, BBEC, EMRS, Ventura, California
  • Part Seven: Unbalanced Current Flow And Elevated Magnetic Radiation, presented by Lawrence Gust, EEng, BBEC, EMRS, Ventura, California
  • Part Eight: Healthy Homes, Natural Construction, and Building Science, presented by Stephen Collette, BBEC, Ontario, Canada

To view any of the eight videos listed above, click here.

To view videos of lectures on various EMF topics presented by me and my colleagues within and outside the Building Biology profession, click below to access the two YouTube channels run by the Building Biology Institute:

  • The first Building Biology channel, labeled “building-biology”, can be accessed here
  • The second Building Biology channel, labeled “Building-Biology & Ecology”, can be accessed here

Next, to view videos in which I show how to use various affordable EMF meters, as well as to purchase those meters from EMF Help Center, click here . (Once on the EMF Help Center website, scroll down below each meter to see the links to the videos on how to use each meter.)

Here are videos of my lectures and video presentations:

  • To view power point slides of my most recent general EMF and Radio Frequency (RF) lecture, written in 2016, click here. This lecture is for the general public and includes research on the long term health effects of being near EMFs, particularly radio frequency EMFs from wireless devices. However, it also includes extensive information on AC electric and magnetic EMFs, and dirty electricity. Again, this PDF file is large and may take a moment to open. You can open and view it here or download it for later viewing.
  • To view the most recent power point slides presenting the healthy wiring and low EMF protocol that I recommend for new construction and remodeling, click here. That lecture was given by Oram at the Design & Build for Wellness conference sponsored by the Building Biology Institute (BBI) in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin on October 8, 2017. You can open and view it here or download it for later viewing.
  • To view a video of my lecture on the topic of EMFs to a Functional Medicine meeting on August 23, 2018 in Santa Monica, California, click here. The meeting was hosted by Ben Weitz, D.C. of Weitz Sports Chiropractic and Nutrition.
  • I was a guest on Know How Things Work with Xiren Kenny on March 23, 2017. Xiren is a musician who also has Lyme Disease. He hosts a podcast focusing on solutions for Lyme and other illnesses from a natural perspective. In this three-part interview, Oram discusses the sources of EMFs, where they are found in and around a home, how they affect your health, and why it is necessary to identify and fix them. To see Part One, entitled, “Hazards, Myths & Scince of EMFs”, click here. Parts Two and Three, entitled, “The Most Dangerous & Overlooked EMFs”, are available here.
  • To view slides of an EMF lecture that I gave at the 41st Annual Cancer Convention in Universal City on August 31, 2013, click here. I discussed the effects of EMFs on health. This includes EMFs from cell phones, cordless telephones, Wi-Fi and the wiring in and around your home. I also explained what types of EMFs exist in homes, how they are created, how they affect our health, and what we can do about them in our homes.
  • To view the slides that I presented at a lecture entitled, “EMF Evaluations in Home Inspecting”, at Inspection Universe, the annual convention of InterNACHI (International Association of Certified Home Inspectors), click here. The lecture was presented in Orlando, Florida on March 15, 2016.
  • To view the slides that I presented in a webinar in 2016 entitled, “Reducing occupant exposure to EMFs in residential construction, Part 3: Assessing and Mitigating AC Electric Field EMFs” click here. This was presented by the Green Home Institute as part of its webinar series on EMFs in residential construction. To access the archives of other webinars in the series, click here.