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For those who are new to Create Healthy Homes, please read the following before calling or emailing (click to expand)

Thank you for contacting me. I ask for your patience in doing so. I get several calls, emails and texts each day from clients and those wanting EMF advice. I do my best to call everyone back as soon as possible. If you have already worked with me or want to schedule an appointment, go ahead and call, text or email me now. You are my priority.

If you are asking for advice on EMFs, especially if you are electrically hypersensitive (EHS), please know that I only have a short time to talk with you, for free. I usually have several calls to return each day. In order for me to best help you, please first read the articles that I have written on EMFs on my website. Find them on the Education page under the menu choice “All About EMFs” on the far right of the menu bar. Click on “EMFs” in the drop down menu. Read the articles Introduction to EMFs and on the four specific types of EMFs. The direct link to the articles is here. Or, scroll down to Articles on the home page. Also, read Safer Use of Cell Phones and Safer Use of Computers.

Those articles may answer your questions. If not, feel free to call, text or email me. I will refer to the information in those articles when we speak. Kindly keep your medical history to a couple of sentences, briefly explain the particulars of your situation, and have pen and paper ready to take notes. I will need to ask you specific questions to fully understand your situation.

I have to be brief because I have other calls to return and I usually only have a short time available, so let’s be efficient with our time. That way I can get to all the people who call me and my colleagues wanting EMF advice.

If you want more time, then call to schedule a long-distance Phone/Video EMF Evaluation (I have a sliding scale if needed).

Thank you for your understanding.

Oram Miller, BBEC, EMRS

11693 San Vicente Blvd., #342
Los Angeles, California 90049

Tel: 310.720.7686