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Videos & Interviews

*New*Commonwealth Club Program on Health Effects of Cell Phones, Wireless Technologies & Electromagnetic Fields With Leading Experts
The full video coverage of a landmark day-long seminar at San Francisco’s prestigious Commonwealth Club held on November 18, 2010.
Scientists, researchers and activists came together from around the world, including the UK, Canada, Norway, Sweden, and the USA to present information on the Health Effects of EMFs. Speakers included such EMF experts as Camilla Rees, Olle Johansson, Magda Havas, and Elizabeth Kelley, as well as a number of other scientists and researchers.
Topics included:

History of Electromagnetic Pollution in Our Midst
Perspectives on the Science: Impacts on DNA, Cells, Organs and the Body’s Regulatory Systems
DNA, Fertility & Developmental Impacts
Cell Phones & Brain Tumors-What Does the Science Show?
Underappreciated Risks: Schools, Cell Towers & Dirty Electricity
“Smart Meters” – The Shortsightedness of New, Radiation-Emitting Utility Technologies
Toward the Future: New Recommended Exposure Guidelines-The Rationale?
Public Health Policy on Wireless Radiation

You can view an archived version of the entire seminar at the Commonwealth Club by clicking here.

*New* Youtube interview with Dr. Alvaro de Salles on cell phone risks
From Don Maisch, editor of EMFacts Consultancy, posted on April 19, 2010
“I have just viewed Dr. Alvaro Almeida de Salles’ 38 minute video interview (September 2009) on Youtube and it is a must-see for clearly explaining the risks of cell phone and WiFi technology. Dr. de Salles explains how the cell phone industry has suppressed the dangers while secretly taking out patents on directional antennas that could significantly reduce cell phone radiation exposure for the user. There’s also advice on how you can reduce the risks/children’s use of cell phones/WiFi dangers, and much more!”

*New* Youtube video: DECT (cordless phone) signals affect the heart
From EMFacts Consultancy, posted on March 24, 2010
From Magda Havas: “Please watch this 7-minute video on youtube that I made yesterday.
“It provides unequivocal evidence that the radiation from a cordless (DECT) phone interferes with the heart. This video provides evidence that electrohypersensitivity is real, is physical, and may be life threatening.
“It also shows that non-thermal exposure, at levels well below federal guidelines in most countries (0.3% of the 1000 microW/cm2), has biological and health effects.”

*New* Listen to an interview with Dr. David Carpenter on KMJ’s Morning News about EMFs
From EMFacts Consultancy, posted on February 18, 2010

Australian Broadcasting Company (ABC) video: Scientists speak out on mobile phone, cancer link
A 19 minute video clip from the ABC program, “Lateline,” aired in Australia on April 2, 2009.
This groundbreaking news segment on a major worldwide network presents the mounting evidence that long term cell phone use, ten years and more in duration, has been shown to cause a higher risk of brain cancer, particularly among children.
This is a major expose pitting statements from admittedly industry-related researchers with statements from those who are independent and “outside” the support of industry.
You can watch the full video clip in Windows Media Player or Real Player from a link on the Lateline website by clicking here. You can also read a transcript of the show on the same page.

Shows on cell phone radiation are all over the TV news
April 10, 2009
Written by Louis Slesin, Editor of Microwave News:
From Louis’ email alert: “Shows on cell phone radiation are all over the TV news (overseas). We have assembled seven that have appeared over the last few weeks in Australia and Europe.”
Click here to read the April 10, 2009 article under “News and Comments” and to link to these TV news reports.

Electromagnetic Health
This website is a resource for articles, video and audio clips of interviews with experts on the health effects of use of cell phone and other wireless technologies.
From the website, “We represent citizens concerned about the proliferation of wireless technologies and their impact on health.
“We represent citizens who want our government to set exposure standards for electromagnetic radiation that are biologically based, instead of being based on long since invalidated thermal standards.
“We represent the growing percentage of the population that has become electrically sensitive– people who are finding it increasingly difficult to cope in wireless environments. The benefits of modern life, including the ability to participate in society, and hold jobs in traditional office buildings, are increasingly not available to an estimated 3-8% of Americans today.
“And, we represent the people who want rights of state and local governments to establish healthy environments in their communities returned–rights that were taken away in the Telecommunications Act of 1996, which tied the hands of local governments, preventing them from resisting towers and antennas in their communities on health or environmental grounds–even when harm became clear.”

Cell Phone Safety Wednesday: Dr. George Carlo
Radio interview with Dr. George Carlo on May 23, 2008 by Richard Greene, host of Clout, on Air America Radio.

Oram Miller, BBEI on Clout
Radio interview with Oram Miller on May 30, 2008 by Richard Greene, host of Clout, on Air America Radio.
To listen to Part 1, click here.
To listen to Part 2, click here.
To listen to Part 3, click here.

Cell Phone Dangers — what they don’t want you to see
News segment on one of Australia’s national television channels, NineMSN, on its weeknight television program, A Current Affair.

Mobile Phone Danger
News segment on Australian televison.

EMF Cell Phone Dangers
Interview with Dr. George Carlo on Canadian television.

Dangers of the wireless cell phone, wi-fi and emf
Lecture by Dr. George Carlo.
To listen to Part 1, click here.
To listen to Part 2, click here.
To listen to Part 3, click here.

Interview with Cindy Sage, co-editor of the BioInitiative Report, on Environmental Options Network.
In this 38 minute interview, EMF expert Cindy Sage of Sage Consulting discusses the findings and concerns raised in the report. This is a comprehensive overview of the health challenges we all face from everyday exposure to EMFs produced by powerlines and wireless devices.
To begin the Environmental Options Network interview, click here to bring up the page with the video embedded in it. On the right, click on the title words, “BioInitiative Report Interview” and the free video clip should appear in the player. Click on the image to begin the video.
You can also purchase a DVD of the interview for $15 plus shipping.

Interview with Cindy Sage, co-editor of the BioInitiative Report, at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco.
On March 19, 2008, a panel of scientists presented at San Francisco’s Commonwealth Club at an event called: “Microwave Radiation: The Shadow Side of the Wireless Revolution”. Scientists on the panel included leading public health expert David Carpenter, MD, Cindy Sage, Co-Facilitator of the Collaborative for Health & the Environment’s EMF Working Group and Prof. Magda Havas, PhD.
To begin the Commonwealth Club interview, click here to go to the Commonwealth Club website’s Speaker Archives page. Then on the line labelled, “Recording Date,” enter “March” into the box for “Any month,” and “2008” in “All available years.” Then scroll down to “Microwave Radiation: The Shadow Side of the Wireless Revolution” recorded on March 19, 2008. Then click on “Listen” to listen for free.
You can also purchase a recording of the presentation.)

BBC Documentary on Wireless Internet (Wi-Fi)
This is a 30 minute clip from the BBC program, “Panorama.”
The episode focuses on wireless Internet (Wi-Fi) in England and shows how Wi-Fi is being removed from schools in Europe. They also cover electro-magnetic sensitivity in general and how the Swedish government is helping their EMF-sensitive citizens, who make up 3% of that country’s population.
The video clip is no longer available, but you can read the transcript by clicking here.

Purchase Cell Phone Radiation Shielding and Reduction Devices from the Following Retailers (some websites also contain research citations):

Less EMF
A resource for information on and products for detecting and shielding electric, magnetic, and radio frequency fields, including air tube earphones and “snap beads,” which are small ferrite beads that close around the wire of your earphone like a clam shell. We recommend you get two and place one near the bottom of the cord where it plugs into the phone and place the second one about 2/3 to 3/4 of the way up the wire. This reduces exposure to the radiation picked up by the cord through resonance from the signal being broadcast from the antenna of your cell phone as well as from other cell phones and cell towers in your neighborhood.
If your cell phone does not work with the air tube ear phone, even with an adapter, then use the wired earphone supplied by your cell phone manufacturer and place snap beads on the wire as described above. Do whatever you can to get the cell phone away from your body (don’t put it in your pocket when you are on a call). Also, we don’t recommend using a Bluetooth, as this creates more cumulative exposure to harmful information-carrying radio waves, which have no safe exposure limit;
518-432-1550, 888-537-7363.

Safe Living Technologies
Website for building biologist Rob Metzinger in Ontario, Canada. His company is an online resource for EMF-measuring instruments and shielding fabrics for various forms of EMFs.

Air Tube Earphone Retailers in Southern California
For those in SoCal, you can purchase air tube earphones from any of three individuals who live in Orange County. Two are in Costa Mesa and one is in Tustin:
Robert Brandolino, Costa Mesa, 949-235-0561,;
John Black, Costa Mesa, 949-261-7352,; and
Camaraw Long, Tustin, 949-387-2084,

Safe Wireless Initiative
Former website for Dr. George L. Carlo, Former Chairman and Founder of the Science and Public Policy Institute in Washington, DC.
Dr. Carlo is one of the leading researchers on the health risks of exposure to wireless technologies and information-carrying radio frequencies.
His website is no longer active but when it was, it contained several intervention steps to help protect against the harmful influence of wireless devices. We have obtained a copy of his former website through
Dr. Carlos provides a “Medical Alert: Aggravated Symptom Relapses Reported after Use of Widely-Available EMR Protection Products,” dated June 17, 2008. He provides reasons why he discovered that so-called EMF-reduction chips, while reportedly helpful for some, had caused “serious symptom relapses” and a worsening of symptoms in those who had noticed initial improvement. Click here to view his medical advisory.

Dr. Carlo also provides “Interventions to Maximize Health and Minimize EMR Risks Recommendations from the Safe Wireless Initiative” to combat the ill effects of exposure to cellphones and other wireless communication devices. Click here to view the list of these interventions.

To read a Position Paper on Cell Phone Chips, Pendants and Home Harmonizers written by Oram Miller, BBEI, click here.

Note about safe use of cell phones in cars

When I am in my car, I use a hands-free option with an air tube ear phone plugged into my cell phone. There is still a problem, however, from frequencies coming from the cell phone broadcast signal when I am on a call. This occurs because some of the transmitted signal from the onboard antenna inside the cell phone is reflected back inside the car by the sheet metal surrounding you. This causes a concentration of power to higher levels than if you were talking on the cell phone outside your car.

Furthermore, the cell tower senses that the signal has weakened when you make your call from inside the car. This happens because of this reflection, which keeps part of the broadcast signal that is coming from your cell phone inside the car. As a result, the tower sends an instruction to the cell phone to increase its transmitted power output. You stay better connected to the tower but your body absorbs more radiation. (Also the cell phone battery goes down faster.

To reduce the ill effects of the cell phone antenna transmitting inside my car, I plug an external antenna cord into a jack on the back of my cell phone. The external antenna sits on top of my car, held in place by an earth magnetic base. The antenna is positioned right over my head because there is a “dead spot” directly under the antenna. Also, since the antenna is located outside the car above a metal sheet (the roof of the car), I am protected underneath that metal sheet. I am also below what is called the “ground plane” of the external antenna above me.

Finally, when I plug the external antenna cord into the back of my cell phone, this disables and shuts off the on-board antenna inside the cell phone so I am not broadcasting from inside the car. I had to purchase a refurbished cell phone to get an external antenna jack because newer models do not have them.

To order a roof-top antenna for your car, link to the Alternative Wireless online store listed below:

Alternative Wireless
An online source of rooftop-mounted external cell phone antennas for your car as well as other cell phone accessories;