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Healthy Baby Monitors

To see hardwired choices for surveillance cameras, click here. Introduction Parents of infants and small children want to keep tabs on them while they sleep and play to be sure they are alright. Many people want surveillance...

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Solar Panels

To read a Photovoltaic Solar Panels Factsheet on the Building Biology Institute (BBI) website, click here. Introduction to Solar Panels Most people are under the impression that all EMFs are produced locally around a wireless...

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Healthy Lighting Choices

Introduction We recommend that you use incandescent light bulbs (preferably full spectrum) instead of compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs), wherever possible. Incandescent bulbs made with tungsten filaments are highly energy...

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Introduction to EMFs

Introduction The topic of EMFs is vast and, unfortunately, rather complicated. I will attempt in this introductory article and in the separate articles I have written on each type of EMF to educate you on the basics. This...

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Magnetic Field EMFs (at 60 Hz AC)

Magnetic Field Exposure Introduction In general, while electric field exposure in homes creates an agitating influence on the body that does not allow deep, restful sleep, magnetic field exposure, on the other hand, creates what...

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Safer Use of Computers

To see a list of links to EMF Meters and Instruments, EMF-shielding and other EMF products that Oram recommends, click here. Introduction There are four main kinds of EMFs, and you will potentially find all four at a computer...

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Saunas and EMFs

Introduction to EMFs and Saunas I am often asked about EMFs in saunas. As with any part of our lives that may be affected by EMFs, my response is to systematically go through the list of the four EMFs that we consider to be...

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