Questions from Client Regarding EMF Effects from Sitting in an Infrared Sauna


Question: "A woman I know is asking me how to get word out about the dangers of certain infrared saunas. I do not at this time recall anything written about infrared saunas on your website."

-- j.m., Coon Rapids, Minnesota

Answer: "The reason you don't see anything on my website about it is because understanding the health hazards of infrared saunas is a tricky thing. The main problem, from my profession's standpoint, is the point-source magnetic field exposure coming from each heating element. I have measured the magnetic field exposure in many saunas and have found that harmful exposure exists in a radius that extends roughly 2 feet out from each element. One must sit right in the middle of the sauna box, in the center, on the edge of the seat to be in the sauna and get the heat but to be out of the harmful extent of magnetic field exposure from any of the heating elements."

"Otherwise, if someone wants to lean back against the back wall, you will be in the field of one or more of the elements. I tell them to just know that there is a trade-off. They get the benefit of the heat while getting a detriment to their health with the magnetic field exposure. This is similar to what I say to those who use some of these infrared heating devices for healing, such as heating pads, heated chairs, these small domes you place over your body, and even motorized devices like the "chi machine." All these have health benefits, but at a cost in terms of high, unhealthy magnetic and/or electric field exposure."

"To get radiant heat, I tell people to buy reheatable bean- or gel-filled bags that can be heated in a counter-top or microwave oven and laid on your neck or back until the heat dissipates. (This, by the way, is the only valid reason for using a microwave oven, in my opinion. It destroys amino acids and fatty acids and even destroys the vibrational geometry of water molecules, as proven by Dr. Emoto's work.)"

        -- Oram

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