Questions from Client Regarding EMF Effects from Cordless Lawn Mowers


Question: "Dumb question, I fear - but here it is: Are cordless lawnmowers (not electric but rechargeable battery cordless) bad for you? I was reminded that cordless phones are bad."

-- k.s., St. Louis Park, Minnesota

Answer: "There are no dumb questions unless they are not asked. It's always good to get one's questions answered.

"A cordless electric lawn mower is a great idea, because the amount of pollution put into the air from a gas-powered internal combustion engine lawn mower is staggering! A well-publicized quote from the California Environmental Protection Agency talks about the unkown emissions from a similar gas-powered lawn care tool, the leaf blower: 'Operating a commercial gas-powered leaf blower for half an hour produces roughly the same carbon emissions as driving a light-duty vehicle 7,700 miles at 30 mnh.' I am not kidding. Lawn mowers have no pollution control devices. They are bad for the environment and bad for the person walking behind it. Plus, with a cordless electric mower, you don't run over the cord and risk electric shock. What you propose to use is fine.

"The reason cordless telephones are bad is not because they use rechargable batteries. They are bad because they emit harmful radio frequencies right into the head when you hold them close to your ear to listen and talk. That is the harm. Lawn mowers don't emit radio frequencies."

        -- Oram

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