Questions from Client Regarding the Seeming Ability to Pop Popcorn with Cell Phones


Question: "'You gotta watch this!!!' (referring to videos on the web showing a group of friends sitting around a table with four cellphones pointed at one another with popcorn popping in the middle of them when all four phones are called from four other phones.)"

-- c.r., Rochester, Minnesota

Answer: "I really hate to counter what is turning out to be a good visual to get people to think twice about how much their cell phone may be harming them, but this is not a consistently repeatable experiment. Several credible sources came out saying it was manipulated. I tried to replicate it, as have many others, and we cannot get it to happen. Yet, these three videos sure look credible to me. I have noticed that all the ones that work on camera come from phones used by people overseas. Perhaps they emit stronger thermal (heating) energies than cell phones in the US. Again, we were not able to get it to work when a group of us tried it."

"That said, there is a great deal to be concerned about with cell phone use. Just last weekend I posted information on my website,, about the growing body of credible research that is linking cell phone use with brain cancer. This is because they are now using subjects who have used cell phones consistently for ten years or more. Now the correlation is showing up.

"Furthermore, television news organizations outside the USA are taking note of this and reporting the latest findings. I have a link on my website to Microwave News, that lists no less than seven news programs in the last two months dealing with this in Australia, New Zealand and Europe.

"Go to "Cell Phone and Radio Frequency Risks" on my website to see many links to articles on the risks of cell phones. I also have a new page, "Steps to Protect Yourself from Cell Phone Frequencies" that tells you how to make cell phone use as safe as possible."

        -- Oram

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