Questions from Client Regarding Cell Phones and EMFs


Question: "I'm wondering if you might be able to help me by suggesting if there is a cell phone that has less EMF than others? Also, I was wondering if you know if there is one brand that has a lower EMF than others or if it has more to do with your carrier?"

-- k.d., Calgary, Alberta

Answer: "Please take a look at the page, 'Steps to Protect Yourself from Cell Phone Frequencies' on my website. I have many suggestions there to help you use cell phones more safely. There are many different types of EMFs and many different ways to protect yourself, so see if that information is helpful to you."

"Regarding the question of which brand has the lowest EMF expsoure, since you ask about specifics, please be aware that from our perspective, there is no safe cell phone. The company that is the carrier has nothing to do with it. Also, remember there are two kinds of cell phone signals, the carrier frequency that has the heating influence, and the low frequency information-carrying radio wave that is not discussed in the press and is only recently being studied. It is the latter one that is the most harmful, because there is a safe exposure level for the heating frequencies that carry the signal for miles between the cell tower and the cell phone. If the transmitter in the phone is below that threshold, there is no harm. Cell phones sold in the US emit their carrier wave below that safe exposure threshold (1.6 Watts/kilogram of body mass). This is known as the "Specific Absorption Rate," or SAR. The SAR is always printed for each phone towards the back of the manual that comes with it. This, however, only refers to the heating energy coming from the phone during transmission.

"There is also the low-frequency information-carrying radio wave that is also produced, that carries the actual voice or text information. This is only 200-230 cycles per second, very close to the biological frequencies in the human body, and this is the one that is now being found to produce long-term, cumulative biological and health effects.

"Go to the page 'Cell Phone and Radio Frequency Risks' on my website for links to important articles about the health hazards of low-frequency information carrying radio waves.

"It is all a matter of how far, how effectively and how often you can keep the phone away from your head. You really need to use an earphone, preferably with the air tube but certainly with the snap beads, especially if you don't use an air tube earphone (all this is explained in the page, 'Steps to Protect Yourself from Cell Phone Frequencies' on my website).

"In general, the older phones put out less harmful energy than the newer ones, and I have measured stronger frequencies from many of the newer ones with the personal digital assistants. Also, certain newer phones are always doing something we don't like. We are told by building biologists that one particular company has figured out how to use each of their cell phones as a booster station to re-transmit calls from other people's cell phones from the same company to the nearest tower. That means that if you have one of their cell phones, when you are not on a call yourself, your cell phone is transmitting calls without you knowing about it. If you wanted to stop that by turning your cell phone off, you are out of luck, because your phone re-transmits other people's calls even when you have yours turned off. And if you wanted to stop the transmissions by taking out the battery, you can't. Only the technicians at the factory can remove that phone's battery. All this is clever engineering on the company's part, but not helpful for people who want to limit how much cell phone radiation they are exposed to.

"Anyone who is concerned about their exposure to cell phone radiation really needs to read some of the articles and studies I have linked to on my website page, 'Cell Phone and Radio Frequency Risks'. The harmful effects of cell phones are not being reported by the media in this country and insiders say the regulatory agencies do the bidding of industry. So you are on your own and need to pay attention to the reports coming out of Europe. What the research is saying is that if you are going to be harmed by a cell phone, it will not happen right away, just like smoking cigarettes. But like tobacco products, if you use them every day, they will eventually harm you, because the effects are cumulative. That is the same as putting a cell phone right against your head day after day for years.

"So follow the steps on my website and keep any phone you use away from your head."

        -- Oram

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