Questions from Client Regarding Adverse Effects from the Material in EMF-Reducing Bed Canopies


Question: "Just a quick question - you know the EMF-reducing bed canopy? Some are topaz, some slilver. I was just wondering if they can be toxic? Are these heavy metals? Any mercury, aluminium or other toxic metals & substances in them? And are they safe to breathe in if they enclose the bed of someone extremely ill and sensitive? Do they smell? Can you get any info on that?"

-- l.k.

Answer: "Thanks for your question. I honestly have not heard anyone in my profession say these are toxic to breathe while you are sleeping under them. I do not believe they contain anything other than the silver thread, as that is all they need to block the incoming radio frequencies (RF), and when grounded with the alligator clip to an outlet ground or to a stake in the earth outside, they also provide protection against electric field exposure."

"You should call the people at LESS EMF in Albany, New York (888-537-7363) and ask them these questions. They are very helpful and knowledgeable and deal with many clients who are chemically as well as electrically sensitive."

"Hope that helps."

        -- Oram

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