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Note: This list is by no means exhaustive. If you know of a website that promotes healthy, non-toxic household or building products and feel it should be included on this list, please contact the webmaster.

Note: Please feel free to link to this website if your site promotes healthy building materials and practices, and if your site covers the adverse health impacts of the built environment on human health.

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Air Purifier

Royal Air
Royal Air is an Ohio-based manufacturer of the Royal Air Electronic Air Purifier, the best air purifier on the market. Creates negative ions, kills mold, adsobs toxic vapors; 330-775-3014. To order a unit or for more information, contact Dawn Radibaugh at 651-269-0347.

Asbestos, Lead and Mold Encasement (Non-Toxic)

Safe Encasement Systems
Makers of non-toxic encasement coatings for mold, asbestos and lead control.
Click here for a list of contractors throughout the country who sell and apply the product.

Building Materials -- Thick Wall

    Building Materials -- Thick Wall -- Low-Density Cement-Fiber Wall Forms

Makers of Durisol brand Low-Density Cement-Fiber Wall Form Systems. Based in Ontario, Canada. ICC rated;

Makers of Faswall brand Low-Density Cement-Fiber Wall Form Systems. Based in Corvallis, Oregon;

    Building Materials -- Thick Wall -- Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) Producers

SafeCrete, Ringold, Georgia
Makers of Autoclaved Aerated Concrete; 706-965-4587.

Aercon Florida, Haines City, Florida
Makers of Autoclaved Aerated Concrete; 863-422-6360.

E-Crete, Scottsdale, Arizona
Makers of Autoclaved Aerated Concrete; 866-508-5803.

Find information on Autoclaved Aerated Concrete by clicking here. This information is found on the website for the Portland Cement Association.

    Building Materials -- Thick Wall -- Log Home Distributor

New Homestead USA
Makers of factory kiln-dried logs. Based in Payette, Idaho;

    Building Materials -- Thick Wall -- Log Homes Resources

National Builders Association, Log Homes Council
A national organization with membership comprised of manufacturers of log homes;
800-368-5242, Ext. 8577.

    Building Materials -- Magnesium-Based Boards

Contact George Swanson, an Austin, Texas-based Building Biologist and builder for more details on the products listed below. George is a direct company rep for Strong Enviroboard and Dragonboard, offering the same prices as the companies themselves. George and his colleagues have experience in installation and the use of these products.
Contact George at 512-653-8624. He is available to do extensive finishing consulting on a separate consulting contract.

An excellent review article on magnesium boards appeared in Walls and Ceilings magazine in their November 2007 issue, simply entitled, "MgO Board," by Robert Thomas. To read the article, click here.

Makers of Dragonboard brand magnesium oxide 4X8 foot boards for sheathing, wallboard, subfloors and roofing panels, imported from China. Importer located in New York. These boards have thermal mass, do not outgas toxic fumes, and are water, mold, fire and insect-resistant. ASTM testing data available on website. The company has applied for ICC rating. Available through George Swanson (see above); 866-447-3232

Nevada-based makers of MagBoard brand magnesium oxide 4X8 foot boards for sheathing, wallboard, subfloors and roofing panels. These panels have thermal mass, do not outgas toxic fumes, and are water, mold, fire and insect-resistant. Testing data available on website;

Canadian makers of Magnesiacore brand magnesium oxide 4X8 foot boards for sheathing, wallboard, subfloors and roofing panels. These panels have thermal mass, do not outgas toxic fumes, and are water, mold, fire and insect-resistant. Testing data available on website.

Click here for links to manufacturers of magnesium-based cement and stucco.

Click here for links to manufacturers of silicate mineral paint to use as a breathable tinted coating over magnesium-based sheets and magnesium-based stucco.

    Building Materials -- Ecological, "Green" and Non-Toxic -- Retailers

A Southern California-based green building materials online retailer of non-toxic building materials including wall coverings, flooring and countertops, as well as home furnishings, cleaners, and items for garden and landscape, and nursery and kids;

Green Building Supply
Retail supplier of a complete line of environmentally friendly and non-toxic building products by AFM, Dunn-Edwards, Bio-Shield and other manufacturers including flooring, paints, adhesives, and insulation, as well as plumbing fixtures and cabinetry. Ships nationwide;
800-405-0222, 641-469-5558.

Natural Built Home
A Minnesota-based retailer of safe, sustainable and eco-friendly building supplies and materials, including natural flooring, safe paints, plasters, countertops, lighting and non-toxic cleaning supplies;

Building For Health Materials Center
A Carbondale, Colorado-based retailer of non-toxic, healthy and environmentally sound building materials, appliances and home products. Ships nationwide;
800-292-4838, 970-963-0437.

An online marketplace for ecological products including building materials and flooring.

American Formulating and Manufacturing (AFM)
AFM makes a low-VOC caulk;

Titebond Greenchoice Adhesives and Caulks
The Titebond Company has been making solvent-free adhesives and caulks for over 20 years. Their caulks contain no biocides, fungicides, isocyanates or flame retardants, and they can fill gaps up to 1 inch wide.

Perfecto is a supplier to the aquarium industry. Inquire about their silicone sealant.

GE MAX 5000
GE MAX 5000 is a non-toxic silicone made by General Electric.
According to fellow Building Biologist, Merilee Nelson: "You must specify the caulk for Windows and Doors or the caulk will contain biocides. The caulk should be cured for about three weeks before resident is exposed. The caulk cures at a rate dependent on temperature and humidity; the lower the temperature and the higher the humidity the longer the cure. After curing, the caulks do not emit any low level VOC's or SVOC's."

    Building Materials -- Non-toxic Paints and Finishes

         Note: The following three companies design their products specifically to be tolerated by
        multiple chemically sensitive clients
(but always test for individual sensitivity in all cases):

American Formulating and Manufacturing (AFM)
San Diego, California-based manufacturer of low and no toxicity products including paints, adhesives, tile grout, varnishes and finishes as well as cleansers and mold inhibiters;
Available nationally through Natural Built Home, 4020 Minnehaha South in Minneapolis, 612-605-7999.
Also available nationally through Green Building Supply, 800-405-0222, 641-469-5558.

Santa Fe, New Mexico-based maker of non-toxic paints, stains, finishes and cleaners;
Available nationally through Green Building Supply, 800-405-0222, 641-469-5558.

Hattiesburg, Mississippi-based maker of non-toxic paints;

        These companies also make zero-VOC, non-toxic paint products:

Yolo Colorhouse
Portland, Oregon-based maker of non-toxic paint and finishes;

Phoenix, Arizona maker of Dura Soy One brand and other non-toxic biological-based paint, stain and finishes made from soy, not petroleum. Allows you to avoid use of primer;

Los Angeles, California-based maker of non-toxic paint and finishes;
Retail stores are located in Arizona, California, New Mexico, Nevada, Texas and Utah.

        Additional manufacturers of non-toxic paint and wall coverings:

Back to Nature
Environmentally safe paint and varnish removers, and other specialty products;

The W.W. Henry Company
Makers of a complete line of environmentally friendly flooring adhesives (generally "low-toxocity" but not non-toxic);

    Building Materials -- Environmentally-Friendly Wood Products and Furniture

The Collins Companies
A 150 year old company producing Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified soft and hardwood lumber products.
"All three Collins forests-Pennsylvania, Almanor, and Lakeview-have been independently certified by Scientific Certification Systems (SCS) in accordance with the principles and criteria of the Forest Stewardship Council.
"The 295,000 acres of Collins timberlands are biodiverse, multi-layered, canopied forests, not single-species tree farms. They are self-sustaining, containing more wood today than they did over a hundred years ago. They are home to bald eagles, black bears, wild turkeys, rubber boas, beavers, great blue heron rookeries and the endangered Goose Lake redband trout. They are enriched by meadows, springs, creeks, rivers, and lakes. They are naturally healthy forests-growing trees only from sunshine, water, and nutrients from fertile soil."
800-329-1219, 503-417-7755.

Agriboard Industries
Makers of environmentally-friendly floor, wall and roof panels made of compressed wheat or rice straw. Located in Wichita, Kansas;
866-247-4267, 316-630-9223.

Makers of sustainable and non-toxic office furniture. From the company website: "Baltix offers a new and fresh approach to the commercial furniture marketplace. We offer a closed-loop solution that eliminates the requirement for the harvesting of trees and the need to throw things 'away' in landfills at the end of useful life. Baltix uses sustainable natural materials that contain no harmful adhesives, formaldehydes or VOC's, which makes our unique offering good for you and good for the environment. Our products are highly functional modular in design, aesthetically pleasing and are offered in a wide range of colors and material options to best meet your requirements and your budget." Located in Long Lake, Minnesota;

    Building Materials -- Green Product Resources

Publishers of Environmental Building News. Also offers GreenSpec, BuildingGreen's premiere product information service containing detailed listings for more than 1,700 green building products with environmental data, manufacturer information, and links to additional resources.

Healthy Household Products -- Ecological, "Green," and Non-Toxic

Just Green It!
A book by Ron and Lisa Beres, building biologists. From their website: "Just Green It! by husband/wife team Ron and Lisa Beres, eco-experts, founders of Green Nest, and professional speakers in the green movement, is the ultimate consumer guidebook for navigating the green marketplace; understanding the many green-washing tactics used by companies and organizations claiming to be 'green'; and choosing environmentally and human friendly products—everything from light bulbs to mattresses to baby food--to live healthier, 'greener' lives."
Based in Irvine, California; 949-387-3806.

"Non Toxic, Eco Friendly Sustainable Home Furnishings. Organic Furniture, Healthy Mattresses, Organic Linens, etc. Where conscious and healthy living meet beautiful design...At Eco-terric, we strive to create beautiful, colorful and environmentally friendly living spaces using healthy materials that are also socially responsible. In addition to accessorizing and furnishing your home with our products, we offer professional design services to assist in creating spaces that are kind to you, your family and the environment."
Based in Montana; founded and operated by building biologist Rowena Finegan;

Core Products
Makers of Hydroxi Pro brand "Power Safe" hydrogen peroxide-based mold cleanser and mold killer; 800-825-2673.
Available through Green Building Supply (800-405-0222; .

National Allergy Supply
Both companies make mold inhibitors.
AFM makes SafeChoice X-158, available through Green Building Supply; 800-405-0222.

National Allergy Supply Incorporated
A storehouse of non-toxic products and information for all allergy sufferers.

Allergy Buyers Club
"Allergy relief products and information on the control and prevention of allergies, sinusitis and asthma."

Do it Yourself Cleaners You Can Make at Home, as recommended by Greg Wiszniewski of Busy Bee Cleaning Service in Manhattan.

Nirvana Safe Haven
A website of non-toxic products including chemcial-free, organic, natural, non-toxic cleansers, mattresses, bedding and dehumidifiers.

"EMF" Reduction Products

Less EMF
A resource for information on and products for detecting and shielding electric and magnetic fields;
518-432-1550, 888-537-7363.

Safe Living Technologies
EMF Safety Protection Products for Electromagnetic Fields. Suppliers of Demand Switches, EMF Meters, Electromagnetic Field Detectors and Shielding Canopies. Our EMF protection merchandise reduces the symptoms of electrical sensitivity, reduces the risk of cancer and increases long term quality of life. Our equipment, procedures and policies comply with the International Institute for Bau-Biologie (IBE), the world standard for environmental safety technology;

Greenwave Filters
Greenwave Filters are capacitors that significantly reduce unhealthy voltage transient harmonic frequencies, also known as "Dirty Electricity." This comes from such sources as compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs), electronic dimmer switches and the switching mode power supples found in many electronic devices, including some printers.
These transients leak off your wiring in the walls of your home and plastic AC power cords plugged into outlets in your rooms, extending about 6-8 feet. These frequencies spread into your living space, causing potentially deleterious health effects. Dirty electricity is one of the four types of EMFs found in homes and offices.
You generally measure dirty electricity at each outlet with a special meter, provided by Greenwave, and then plug in as many individual filters as needed to reduce the readings to safe levels.
Greenwave Filters
Read more about dirty electricity here.
To purchase Greenwave filters, click here.

Dirty Electricity USA
Dirty Electricity USA is a local Southern California Distributor for Stetzer Filters, another brand of capacitors that filter and remove/reduce "dirty electricity."

Stetzer Filters
Stetzer Filters are also available in Orange County from Karen Vinci.
Click here to email Karen.

Air Tube Earphones
For those in Southern California, you can purchase air tube earphones from any of three individuals in Orange County, California. Two are in Costa Mesa and one is in Tustin:
John Black, Costa Mesa, 949-261-7352,; and
Sue Long, Tustin, 949-387-2084,
Robert Brandolino, Costa Mesa, 949-235-0561,;

WPS Antennas
An online source of rooftop-mounted external cell phone antennas for your car as well as other cell phone accessories;
To view an entire article devoted to choosing the right car antenna and cell phone to use with it, click here.

Earthing Institute
Supplier of earthing pads and other products that can reduce inflammation by giving you remote contact with the earth while you sleep. We recommend that you ground these pads into the earth rather than into the ground of your electrical outlet when possible. We also recommend that you reduce the electric fields in your bedroom first by following the recommendations provided in my article on Electric Fields by clicking here and here and by having a Building Biology evaluation of your home.
Earthing pads help bring much needed electrons up from the earth to our bodies in an age when we become electron-depleted by walking in shoes with insulating rubber soles (leather is conductive) and living in houses that keep us up off the bare earth. Walking barefoot on the earth 30 minutes per day is ideal, but use the earthing pad at night while you sleep (following the additional recommendations given above).

Technology Alternatives Corporation
Makers of zero radiation computer LCD display monitors and shielding solutions for electrical and magnetic fields;

Association for Comprehensive Neurotherapy
A valuable compendium of articles on the dangers of cell phone use, including: "Children and mobile phone use: Is there a health risk? The case for extra precautions;" "What Americans Need to Know about Radiation (or EMR) from Wireless Communications;" and "A Possible Association Between Fetal/Neonatal Exposure to Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Radiation and the Increased Incidence of Autism Spectrum Disorders."

Provided by the non-profit organization,, based in Royal Palm Beach, Florida, "a source of cutting-edge information that can help you reduce or avoid the need for prescription medications for these increasingly common problems (attention deficit disorder, anxiety, learning disorders, autism, depression). You can learn how to have a healthier brain and nervous system naturally;"

EMF Relief
Website for Sal La Duca, BBEI, EE, Certified Building Biologist, Electrical Engineer and resource for EMF problems and solutions. Click on the link entitled Electro-Magnetic Field issues near the bottom of his home page for a thorough review of the basics of electro-magnetic fields and research citations;

EMF Services
Chuck Keen is one of the country's leading experts on evaluation and mitigation of radio frequency pollution;

Alltec Lightning Protectors
"Alltec Corporation is an international, full service lightning protection and grounding company. We place special emphasis on structural Lightning Dissipation Systems and Electrolytic Grounding Systems;"

Unified Technologies
Manufacturers of Quantum Products, promoting coherence within the electrical circuitry of your home and office. Offering free thirty-day trials of Quantum Byte, software for your computer that creates coherence for you;
800-667-0231; 641-472-8848.

(For healthy LED lighting, see the "Lighting" section below.)

(Subtle) Energy-Enhancing Systems -- Correction of Improper Feng Shui and Vastu using Pyramid Technology

Website for Swami Ananda Veetrag of Bloomington, Minnesota, expert on the application of pyramid rectification for vastu and feng shui defects in the home and work place. Swami provides consultations and seminars. Based upon the work of India's Dr. Jiten Bhatt, who applies the "age old Pyramid science from Egypt to help in establishing external balance. Pyramid Yantra is a wonderful mechanism and proven science to create love, harmony, and prosperity in one's life."


Natures Carpet
A website for all-natural, non-toxic carpeting products.

Eco By Design
Manufacturers of natural, earth-friendly carpeting & flooring, furniture and cork tile wall coverings.

Furnace Filters

Manufacturers of Filtrete brand pleated furnace air filters, Series 1000 and 1250. These models have a high MERV rating.

Heating and Cooling Systems (Radiant) -- Floor, Wall and Ceiling Capillary Tube Mats

BEKA Klima-Komfort
Manufacturers of in-floor, in-wall and in-ceiling capillary tube mats for radiant hydronic heating and cooling; (030)-474-11-31 (Germany).

American distributors of BEKA capillary tube mats include:

Elio Scotti
15842 W. Durango St.
Goodyear, Arizona 85338

Radiant Cooling Corporation
Wally Shah
834 W.Belden Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60614-3236

Rudek Construction Service Inc.
Juan Rudek
W. Thome Ave.
Chicago, Illinois 60660
(Rudek Construction Service also distributes KaRo Systems, another micro-tubule in-wall or in-ceiling radiant hydronic heating and cooling system.)

    Electric In-Floor Heat
The one form of radiant heat that we strongly recommend against is electric in-floor heat due to high magnetic field exposure, although some manufacturers are coming out with systems that are designed to eliminate this EMF exposure. If you must use an electric in-floor heating system, choose from one of the following manufacturers:

Warm Zone Danfoss LX Mats with "dual conductor heating cable" that "emit no measurable electromagnetic fields (EMF)."

ThermoTile brand Electric Radiant Floor Heating System by ThermoSoft with "Zero EMF."

Sun Touch brand Electric Floor Heating Mats, UnderFloor Joist Mats, and Electric Floor Heating Cable, all "designed to cancel EMF (electromagnetic fields)."

All three manufacturers make 120 Volt versions of their magnetic field-free in-floor mats that are shielded to eliminate electric fields EMFs. (240 Volt cables by their very design cancel all electric field on both conductors.)

In general, hydronic (water-based) heating systems are still preferable as far as the building biology profession is concerned.


Makers of Airkrete brand mineral blown-in insulation, a ceramic spray-in foam material made from Magnesium Oxide. Can be used in new construction or existing walls. Airkrete is non-toxic, tolerated well by chemically-sensitive individuals, mold- and fire-resistant, non-shrinking, and it has a high R-value; 315-834-6609.

Bonded Logic
Makers of Ultra Touch cotton batting;


Lamps Plus
Ask them for "transformer-less, line voltage LEDs"

A Tustin, California-based maker of LED lighting for residential and commercial applications, including hard-wired fixtures for recessed cans, under cabinet, surface mount and wall sconce applications;

The LED Light, Inc
A Carson City, Nevada-based maker of 120 and 240 Volt LED light bulbs (although the manufacturer has informed me that they do not stock line voltage LEDs, as of 3/12);

Super Bright LEDs
Based in Earth City, Missouri. Producing "solid state lighting spanning the visible spectrum" for use in homes, businesses, cars, boats and landscaping;
314-972-6200; 866-590-3533

Magnesium-Based Cement and Stucco

George Swanson, an Austin, Texas-based Building Biologist and builder ( now offers a full range of magnesium oxide stuccos, joint compounds, grout and mastics. He calls them "Magna-Blends, All Natural Mineral Based Powder Mixes;"

North Carolina-based maker of magnesium phosphate building products, including exterior stucco that is all natural, non-toxic, durable, waterproof yet breathable, and impact and crack resistant;

Nevda-based maker of magnesium building products, including Stucco Max, an all purpose, one coat, impact resistant exterior and interior stucco material. Shrink and crack resistant; also insect, mold, and moisture resistant. Affordable at $10 for a 50 pound bag;

Chicago-based maker of magnesium oxide-based building products;

Virginia-based maker of magnesium oxide-based rapid-hardening materials for the repair of horizontal, vertical and sloped surfaces. Can be used as a parge layer; 800-581-8397.

See Building Materials -- Magnesium Oxide Boards above for ready-made magnesium sheets that replace plywood and Oriented Strand Board (OSB).

An excellent review article on magnesium boards appeared in Walls and Ceilings magazine in their October 2007 issue, simply entitled, "MgO Board," by Robert Thomas. To read the article, click here.

Mineral Stucco-Paints

A potassium silicate bio-compatible natural mineral stucco-paint. Penetrates and bonds to the substrate (cement, wood, steel) rather than just coating it. Will not fade, peel, mold or crack. Used over 125 years in Europe. When used over magnesium oxide board, will provide a strong mineral to mineral bond. Fully tintable. 100% waterproofing but 98% vapor permeable. Keeps rainwater out, but fully allows moisture vapor within the wall to get out. (It all depends upon water molecule size.)
Available in the US from George Swanson (512-653-8624) as well as Keim Mineral Coatings of America, Inc.; 866-906-5346; 704-588-4811.

Edison Coatings
A bio-compatible natural mineral stucco-paint. Penetrates and bonds to the substrate (cement, wood, steel) rather than just coating it. Will not fade, peel, mold or crack. When used over magnesium oxide board, will provide a strong mineral to mineral bond. Fully tintable. Also makers of Rosendale cement. 100% waterproofing but 98% vapor permeable. Keeps rainwater out, but fully allows moisture vapor within the wall to get out. (It all depends upon water molecule size.)
Made in Plainville, Connecticut;

A silicate bio-compatible natural mineral stucco-paint. Penetrates and bonds to the substrate (cement, wood, steel) rather than just coating it. Will not fade, peel, mold or crack. When used over magnesium oxide board, will provide a strong mineral to mineral bond. Fully tintable. 100% waterproofing but 98% vapor permeable. Keeps rainwater out, but fully allows moisture vapor within the wall to get out. (It all depends upon water molecule size.)
Offices throughout North America;

Eco House, Inc.
A potassium silicate bio-compatible natural mineral stucco-paint. Penetrates and bonds to the substrate (cement, wood, steel) rather than just coating it. Will not fade, peel, mold or crack. When used over magnesium oxide board, will provide a strong mineral to mineral bond. Fully tintable. 100% waterproofing but 98% vapor permeable. Keeps rainwater out, but fully allows moisture vapor within the wall to get out. (It all depends upon water molecule size.)
Made in Fredericton, New Brunswick;

To link to "Miracle Cover," a breathable waterproofer you can mix with stucco/paint, click here.

Mold Remediation Products (Non-Toxic Fungicides)

Vital Oxide
Disinfectant and mold remover. Well-tolerated by chemically-sensitive individuals. Safe and effective.
Available at local hardware stores and through National Allergy Supply.

Thieves Oil Blend
Made by Young Living Essential Oils. Thieves Oil is an historically effective blend of essential oils that has been shown to kill mold and inhibit its growth. Applied in a diffuser or sprayed as a topical non-toxic mold-killing cleanser.
Available nationally through Linda Weber, a Young Living distributor based in Bloomington, Minnesota (612-598-3949; or through a distributor in your area listed on the company website,
While Thieves Oil is non-toxic, chemically-sensitive individuals should test this product before using since it is comprised of aromatic essential oils.

Contains the mold-killing ingredient melaleuca oil (also known as tea tree oil), from The Wellness Company. Order it right from their website.
This is a non-toxic product that kills mold and cleans the stain it leaves behind.
As with Thieves Oil, chemically-sensitive individuals should test this product before using since melaleuca is an aromatic oil.

Hazarid Kit
This is a safe user-friendly mold remediation kit for homeowners. It also kills Swine Flu and SARS.
This product is especially useful if you have a bigger mold infestation. The fungicidal product used is a quarternary ammonium compound known as Sanifect-128 that requires some degree of protection when applying (equipment provided in the kit) but it does not leave a toxic residue. Environmentally friendly, non-toxic to people and pets. Biodegradable.
You can have a local contractor professionally treat your mold for you using Hazarid and carry out any demolition and remodeling necessary if it is a particularly large job, or you can apply it yourself.
St. Paul, Minnesota; 651-698-0454

HydrOxi Pro Concentrated Cleaner
Made by Core Products. A hydrogen peroxide-based mold cleanser and mold killer; 800-825-2673.

SafeChoice X-158, made by AFM. "SafeChoice X-158 is a premium quality, clear coating for prophylactic use on surfaces where mold and might appear. It is not a cleaning agent, but a clear defensive sealer designed to encapsulate surfaces which would typically be subject to mold and mildew attack."

Mold and Mildew Reducing Technology

The Humidex reduces cool, moist air that settles at your basement floor, condensing moisture on cool surfaces and causing mold. The Humidex draws this moist air out of the basement, pulling warmer, drier air down from upstairs to replace it. The humidistat-controlled fan consumes far less electricity than a dehumidifier, which only recirculates the air. The Humidex replaces and refreshes it. Reduces musty odor in days. Professionally installed. Made in Canada and distributed in the US by HQ Hometek, Oceanside, New York;

Paints and Finishes (Non-toxic) -- See above under "Building Materials -- Non-toxic Paints and Finishes"

Pervious Cement

Manufacturer of 100% pervious pavement which is stronger than concrete; lets rainwater flow through quickly and completely;

Pest Control Products -- All-Natural and Non-Toxic

The CedarSide
A Spring, Texas-based resource for products and information on non-toxic management for all types of pests, including Best Yet, a non-toxic, cedar oil-based killer of bedbugs and their larvae;

Biocontrol Network
A Brentwood, Tennessees-based resource for products and information on non-toxic management for all types of pests;
800-441-2847, 615-370-4301.

Eco LA
Specializing in alternative termite and pest control treatments, including orange oil for termites. Named "Best Green Exterminator" by LA Magazine;

Orange Oil Termite Control
For non-tenting control of termites in LA and Orange Counties;

Radiant Barrier

Radiosity Radiant Barrier
Radiosity 3000 is microscopic glass spheres that you add to paint to provide a radiant barrier on any paintable surface. Saves 15-20% in cooling bills when applied to the underside of the roof decking in the attic. Saves more when also used elsewhere, such as on the ceiling of the rooms just under your attic. Available through Green Building Supply.

Rainscreens (Behind Exterior Cladding)

Cosella Dorken
Makers of Delta-Dry, "an impermeable membrane made out of a special high-density polyethylene that provides two-sided drainage through its unique dimple and groove design. ...Provides a protective weather resistive barrier with complete capillary break for residential and commercial building structures. It protects the building from water intrusion behind the exterior cladding (i.e. wind driven rain) and manages water leakage through the cladding as well as transient moisture migrating from the wall structure by providing an air-gap on the interior and exterior side of the membrane;"

Benjamin Obdyk
Makers of Home Slicker, a "ventilating, self-draining rainscreen." The "three-dimensional matrix provides a continuous space for drying, channels for drainage, a thermal break, and pressure equalization, allowing moisture to escape quickly before it damages the sidewall materials";

Rebar -- Composite Alternatives to Metal Rebar

Concrete Protection Products
Supplier of VROD brand of fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) material. Based in Dallas, Texas; 972-818-1993.

Trancels Construction Technologies
Supplier of VROD brand of Pultrall's composite rebar product, fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) material. Used as a reinforcing bar for concrete structures. Provides superior tensile strength and built-in corrosion resistance. Contact Gene Latour, Director of Marketing, Concord, Ontario, Canada, 888-726-2357, 416-410-2564,

Building For Health Materials Center
A Carbondale, Colorado-based retailer of fiberglass rebar products. Ships nationwide; 800-292-4838, 970-963-0437.


To see weblinks to companies that sell magnesium-based stucco, click here. Links to companies that sell mineral stucco-paints follows that section.

Testing Equipment -- Home

National Safety Products Inc.
A source for home testers for radon, smoke and carbon monoxide, gas leaks and other health hazards;

Ventilation -- Passive

Makers of "trickle ventilators," mounted at the top of a window. Provides small amounts of fresh air for controlled ventilation in all seasons without significant loss of heat in winter or cool air in summer. Prevents window condensation. Improves indoor air quality. Imported from the UK by Triton Inc., Granger, Indiana;

Ventilation -- Mechanical

Manufacturers of Heat Recovery Ventilators (HRVs) and Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERVs). Also make continuous flow furnace-mounted central humidifiers;

Manufacturers of Heat Recovery Ventilators (HRVs) and Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERVs);

Waterproofing Materials

Manufacturers of Delta-MS residential foundation water proofing dimple mats;

Manufacturers of Voltex bentonite-geotextile waterproofing system, for moisture control in foundations;

J-Drain carries a full line of horizontal and vertical dimpled waterproofing materials;

BASF Building Systems
(formerly Chemrex)
Makers of Thoroseal cementitious foundation water proofer, which is water vapor permeable to allow substrates to dry out and is environmentally friendly (no asphalt);

Miracle Cover
A fully breathable non-toxic water-based silicon rubber sealer and waterproofer. Enhances the water resistance of a mineral/stucco paint. Mix this into the mineral/stucco paint so that later you can paint over it and change the color. If you apply this full strength over your stucco/paint, you can never change the color, as nothing bonds to it. It is an excellent breathable waterproofer that makes rain drops bead up, but allows moisture vapor to escape from inside;

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