Photos from Oram's Going Away Party and Farewell Comments from Clients and Colleagues

Held at Sacred Rearrangements, Minneapolis

A going away party was held for Oram on Saturday, January 2nd, 2010, thanks to client and friend, Nancy Kaiser. Several dozen clients, colleagues and friends came to wish Oram goodbye and good luck in his relocation from Minneapolis to California. Scroll down to see photos of the event.

To see farewell comments from clients and colleagues below, click here.

Attendees included clients from Oram's work as a healthy home consultant, fellow experts in green building who served with Oram on various committees, and fellow organizers of the Northland Bioneers Conference, which Oram co-produced in October 2009 with Emily Barker.

The party also gave everyone a chance to meet the other building biologists in the area, including:

Damon Coyne of Intentional Environement in St. Paul; 651-340-9326.

Shaylee (Sharon) Oleson of Eco Shaylee in Minneapolis; 612-522-3082.

Frank DiCristina of Environmental Healing Services in Bloomington; 612-384-1334.

Spark Burmaster of Chaseburg, Wisconsin, who comes to Stillwater twice monthly; 608-483-2604.

My thanks to everyone who came to the party and to everyone else who expressed their great love and support for me recently in my move to California. It has been my great honor and privilege to work with all of you over the years in the Twin Cities.

My best to all of my Minnesota friends and colleagues. May you continue to have good luck in providing healthy living and work spaces for yourselves and those you serve.


Here are some photos from the party:


Oram with two clients


Oram and Feng Shui Guru Carole Hyder


Shaylee Oleson (building biologist), a client,
Ramy Selim (solar installer), Frank DiCristina (building biologist) and Jim Garrity (electrical engineer)


Spark Burmaster (building biologist), Eric Gross (handyman),
Pam Luinenburg and Shaylee Oleson


Damon and Cathy Coyne (building biologist and Feng Shui experts)


Susan Shihata (proprietor of Sacred Rearrangements),
Coleen Buckman (musician) and Katie Clower (Northland Bioneers)


Oram and Emily Barker (Northland Bioneers)


Erin Rafel (Stetzer filter installer)


Candiss DelCastillo (client) and Shaylee Oleson


Maree and Joel Merriam (clients)


Tom and Hinda Abrahamson (Feng Shui expert) with Oram


Spark Burmaster, Shaylee Oleson, Frank DiCristina, Oram,
Joe Osowski (health educator), Damon Coyne and Eric Gross


Farewell Comments from Clients and Colleagues

Here are just some of the farewell comments submitted to Oram by clients and colleagues throughout the Twin Cities in response to his announcing his relocation to Southern California:

From fellow members of the Minnesota GreenStar Technical Committee:

"Hi Oram, I'm sorry to hear about this from the perspective of MN GreenStar, but happy to hear that you are making a positive move in your career and in your life.

"Thank you for your service on the Technical Committee over the past few years. Your knowledge and input has been invaluable to the program and its adoption in MN. You will be missed. Good luck in your future endeavors and I hope our paths cross again somewhere down the road!"

-- Pat O'Malley, energy rater and head of the Minnesota GreenStar Technical Committee


"I wish you the best in your new location and new weather."

-- Cindy Ojczyk, designer and served with Oram on Minnesota GreenStar Technical Committee


"Oram, Thanks for the note. Good luck with your future endeavors in California. Sounds like an exciting change and opportunity for you."

-- Marc Sloot, architect and served with Oram on Minnesota GreenStar Technical Committee; client


"Best of luck! I hope it all goes well for you. California is a hard place to want to come back from. I hope you enjoy your relocation and it was a pleasure working along side you. Let me know if I can be of any assistance in the future as far as a referral and such... Enjoy!"

-- Dylan Howard, builder and served with Oram on Minnesota GreenStar Technical Committee


"Hi Oram, I wish you great success in the L.A. area! Enjoy the warm climate. We'll all be very jealous of you as we struggle through another Minnesota winter. Thanks so much for raising our awareness and contributing so greatly to our pursuit of healthier homes. Our loss is California's gain..."

-- Laura Millberg, served with Oram on Minnesota GreenStar Technical Committee and client


"Good luck with your California adventure, Oram! Keep us posted on how things go, and congratulations on doing something new and different! Best wishes,"

-- Alison Lindburg, served with Oram on Minnesota GreenStar Technical Committee


"Oram, Sorry to hear that you are leaving us, but CA is not that far and with email it sometimes doesn't matter where anyone really is. It has been a real pleasure getting to know you and I hope things work out well for you out there... If I can ever be of assistance, just let me know. Cheers,"

-- Michael Anschel, designer and remodeler, co-founder of the Minnesota GreenStar program


"Hi Oram, All the best to you in your move! It has been a pleasure working with you on various committees."

-- Jonee Kulman Brigham, served with Oram on the Minnesota GreenStar Technical Committee and the Minnesota Chapter of the US Green Building Council Networking Committee


From fellow members of the US Green Building Council Networking Committee:

"Oram, We've certainly enjoyed your participation in the committee and are sad to see our longest members leave. Well, we wish you the best of luck in the promise land! :) Send us some sunshine around January, will you? If you happen to be in town sometime, feel free to stop by the committee meeting to say hi. Safe Travels!"

-- Beth Tomlinson, engineer and co-chair of the Minnesota Chapter of the US Green Building Council Networking Committee


"This is very exciting news! It has been a pleasure to work with you, and I wish you lots of luck with your new challenges. Congratulations on the move and have a wonderful, warm winter in California!"

-- Gretchen Camp, architect and co-chair of the Minnesota Chapter of the US Green Building Council Networking Committee


From the former chair of the Minnesota ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Engineers) Sustainable Buildings Committee:

"Oram, I wanted to thank you in person for you contributions to MASDEC / SBC (Minnesota ASHRAE Sustainable Design Committee / Sustainable Buildings Committee) and support for updating the MN ASHRAE (Minnesota Chapter of the American Society for Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers) website. Good luck and good weather in Southern CA."

-- Betti Iwanski, engineer and former chair of the Minnesota ASHRAE Sustainable Buildings Committee


From fellow committee members other green building committees that Oram served on:

"Good evening Oram. Great news for CA -- But sad news for MN"

-- Kel Heyl, remodeler, head of the Minnesota Building Green Alliance


"The saddest news I've heard in a long time! But I'm sure that California is a better place to be for many reasons. I lived in Orange County for five years during the 1980's and know what you're gaining!"

-- Gina Vermilyea, eco-realtor and client


From fellow tradespeople Oram has worked with in the Twin Cities:

"Hi Oram. Congratulations on a fabulous move for you! I'm sorry we are going to lose you, but can truly understand your motives. Many blessings."

-- Carole Hyder, Feng Shui practitioner and teacher


"Oram, Thank you for the knowledge and referrals that you shared with me over the last few years! I wish you the best in your new adventures in California."

-- Don Horvath, electrical contractor


"Oram, Congratulations, and best of luck! It was a pleasure to work with and learn from you. Best wishes,"

-- Ted Barnhill, architect


"Good Morning, Oram, I, of course, am disappointed to lose you as a fantastic resource and as a friend! But the move sounds auspicious for you both personally as well as professionally. My sincerest best wishes to you as you begin this new journey in your life. You will be greatly missed! I do hope to see you before you leave, perhaps at your going away party. Feng Shui Blessings,"

-- Hinda Abrahamson, Feng Shui practitioner and client


From speakers and attendees of the Midwest Building Ecology Coalition, a monthly healthy home study group co-founded by Oram:

"Oram, Thank you for orchestrating the speakers and our networking opportunities all these months. We will miss you."

-- Terry Olsen, architect


"Sorry to hear you are going, good fortune and all the best to you."

-- Rick Wheeler, energy rater and client


"Oram, I'm genuinely sorry to hear that you are heading west. I do wish you all the best. I hope to cross paths with you in the future again. Thanks again for visiting my class. Be well."

-- Paul Haugan, professor, St. Katherine's University


"Hi Oram, I could not make it yesterday but I don't want to miss out on the opportunity to wish you well in California. All the best for a successful start! I always enjoyed our meetings and conversation. I am greatly appreciative of the opportunity you provided for me at the coalition meeting back in 2008. It really was the starting point for my journey and Passive House in the Twin Cities. You'll be missed. Good Luck."

-- Tim Eian, architect


"Hi Oram: You and your fine work will be greatly missed here. The best to you in your new adventure."

-- Michael Maley, geopathic consultant


From fellow board members and dancers at Tapestry Folk Dance Center:

"Oram, We will truly miss your presence and many contributions as a Board of Director and member of our community! I wish you all the very best with your endeavors. Please know that you always have a dance home here in Minnesota when you're in the area. I'm pleased you have connected with the dance community in L.A.

"Thank you for your service on the Board. It has been a pleasure working with you. Thank you."

-- Melissa Mathews, Executive Director, Tapestry Folk Dance Center


"Oram: We're surely going to miss your insightful comments and dedication. But I'm also glad to hear that your trip went well. Best wishes with developing both your business and your personal connections in California! Hopefully we'll see you in the future at Tapestry when you have occasion to visit Minnesota."

-- Eileen Johnson, President of the Tapestry Folk Dance Center Board of Directors


"Oram. I want to second that. I have only known you a short time but I believe you will make a great presence in LA and surrounding area!!"

-- Gwyn Leder, served with Oram on the Tapestry Folk Dance Center Board of Directors


"Hi Oram, Good luck with the new endeavors. Too bad you'll be missing all of this wildly and widely variable weather. See you at Tapestry soon."

-- Steve Johnson, served with Oram on the Tapestry Folk Dance Center Board of Directors


"Oram, Wow, this is big news. Sounds like a grand adventure. How nice that you will be closer to your other son, too. Good luck in making the move. I know you will be successful and find happiness wherever you go. And lucky you -- no more snow and cold."

-- Joan Saunders, client and fellow Contra dancer at Tapestry Folk Dance Center


"Oram: Thanks for all of your help. It's nice having some assistance with the job search. I enjoyed the Midwest Building Ecology Coalition meetings. It was fun to meet everybody. That is an excellent group you put together. Good luck in California."

-- John Bauer, architect and fellow Contra dancer at Tapestry Folk Dance Center


From fellow members of the Northland Bioneers Conference Organizing Committee:

"Dear Oram, Greetings friend. So exciting to hear that your exploratory trip to CA has proven fruitful and that a way is opening for you to make SoCal your home. It goes without saying, and while I am sure you do, please know how greatly you are appreciated and that we will miss you and the energy you bring to our mutual endeavors.

"Thank you for all you have brought to the Northland Bioneers Conference these past years and especially to this year's conference. In addition to the technical knowledge and skill that you shared in facilitating the logistical aspects of the site, your grounded demeanor and nurturing communications were a cohesive influence as we worked through this hugely transitional year.

"On behalf of Northland Sustainable Solutions, I thank you for all you have contributed to the Northland Bioneers Conference project over the years...

"I look forward to seeing you at our upcoming board meeting, to helping to send you off as you depart for your new home, and to when our paths again converge. Perhaps, now that you will be living in CA, you will take the opportunity to attend the Bioneers Conference (in San Rafel, California).

"If there is ever a way in which I may be of assistance, please do not hesitate to let me know.

"May Peace and Joy be your constant companions."

-- Oake Gregory, President of the Board of Directors of Northland Sustainable Solutions, which produced the Northland Bioneers Conference in Minneapolis in 2009


"Oram, Congratulations. This sounds like an invigorating move. We are both thrilled for you. Thanks for all you have brought to this region. I know you will contribute beautifully to the LA climate. Love, Vv"

-- Vonda Vaden Bates, who led the Northland Bioneers for three years, and Yogi Raj


From Minnesota clients:

"Oh my, what sad news for Minnesota to lose such a talented, knowledgeable person such as yourself, Oram. I am purchasing a new 27" iMac and am hoping all goes well with EMFs since you will no longer be here to 'bail me out'. However when opportunity knocks with job, family, and friends take advantage of it. I wish you well; know you have been part of a Thanksgiving in my life."

-- Emma Morton, client


"Oram! I'm quite taken aback and on a personal level, disappointed with your news. You sound very happy, so I will be happy for you. Southrn California. Right when we're going into the deep freeze! Anyway, I will also be happy that at least for a brief space in time, our paths crossed. Maybe not gone forever though as I am highly interested in incorporating this body of work into my real estate business. You're not disappearing, you're just moving to California. Hopefully, we'll meet again!"

-- Maree Merriam, eco-broker and client


"How exciting, Oram! You've picked a good time to head southwest. We think of you often with peace and gratitude--gifts you must have given us--and continue to wish you the best. Sincerely,"

-- Kate Christianson, client


"Dear Oram, so, you're abandoning the Minnesota winters - six months of gray? I just don't understand why you would want to trade that for perpetual warmth and an ocean! I've enjoyed working with your sunny disposition. All the best to you."

-- Evelyn Valen, client


"Oram: I have gotten the news, and we send you our blessings. We are so grateful for your wisdom and insight and teaching to make our home a healthier place! Best of luck on your new beginning! Kara and family"

-- Dr. Kara Parker, client


"Best of luck to you Oram in California! You will be missed here in Minnesota! Thanks for all of your help over the past few years! Blessings,"

-- Stephanie Weyenberg, client


"Dear Oram, I just checked my e-mail yesterday, and what a surprise. As the weather gets colder, I wonder if I could stow away in your baggage. I am sure that you will build a thriving business. I very much appreciate the time and energy you have spent with me.

"I am much better. I can 'walk a tightrope' with my eyes closed forward and back. In the summer, I couldn't do that with my eyes open. My daughter is slowly improving, too.

"Due to my continued fatigue, I will not be able to make it to your party! May it be a joyful and blessed time. Sincerely,"

-- H. O., client


"Dear Oram, How sad we are to lose you to the West Coast! I have appreciated your work here so much -- especially the work you did on our house. And I have thoroughly enjoyed your presence in our lives as well. We wish you all the best in your new home and will keep your number in the event we come your way. You are always welcome here. Warmly,"

-- Elizabeth and Mark McKenzie, clients


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