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This page last updated November 15, 2017.

To see a list of links to EMF Meters and Instruments and EMF-shielding products that Oram recommends that are sold by the following retailers, click on the links or icons below. (To see Oram's recommended list of EMF Meters and Instruments, click here.)

For products sold by Safe Living Technologies, click here.

For products sold by LessEMF, click here.

For products sold by Amazon, click here.

Greenwave Filters To link to the website for Greenwave Filters and Meters to reduce Dirty Electricity EMFs, click here.

To view videos in which Oram shows how to use various affordable EMF meters, as well as to purchase those meters from EMF Help Center, click here. (Once on the EMF Help Center website, scroll down below each meter to see the links to the videos.)

To learn more about how and when to use these products to shield radio frequency EMFs when using computers, tablets and smart phones, go to Safer Use of Computers.

Oram Miller's EMF Meter Package from LessEMF

In collaboration with Sean at LessEMF in New York, I have created a group of EMF meters that provide a very good measure of each type of EMF that the building biology profession recognizes. These are not the most inexpensive meters available, but I chose them because they will provide reliable, easy, repeatable assessments of the levels of these potential hidden sources of ill health in your home and help insure the safety of your living and work environment. If you can afford them, these are the meters that I ideally recommend for the person who wants to hire me for a long distance EMF evaluation of your home (when a local building building biologist is not available).

If you already have certain meters, you may want to upgrade (depending upon how well the meter you have measures the EMFs that we consider to be important) or just get the meters you don't already have.

The four meters are as follows:

You can order these meters separately from the links above (there is no discount for ordering them together as a package). Or, you can call LessEMF at 518-608-6479 or 888-LESS-EMF (888-537-7363) and ask for "Oram Miller's EMF Meter Package". If the sales representative does not know of that, ask them to ask Sean.

I explain each meter in detail on the EMF Meters and Instruments page in the respective sections for each EMF type. More affordable choices of meters to measure each of the four types of EMFs, as well as information about each type of EMF and other retailers who also sell great meters, are presented in that article.

Additional Items Not Available from the Retailers Listed Above

Cell Phone Cases

Greenwave Filters To purchase a cell phone case with documented 99.9% (30 dB) reduction in radio frequency EMF levels, click here and then click on the A Ha! page. You will be receiving this cell phone case as a gift for donating to the Living Harmony Project, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization dedicated to advancing knowledge of how to reduce levels of EMFs in one's life. Your donation is tax-deductible. All cases are hand-made.

When ordering, follow instructions on the Fund page to provide the Cellphone Case Model you choose and the make and model of your phone so that the case you get will fit the size of your phone. Type that information into the "Add Special Instructions" box at the top of the PayPal page. If that box does not appear, call Monica, Living Harmony Project's Executive Director, at 310-383-9781 and give her the information. If you don't see a cell phone case color you like, call Monica and she will custom make a case for you in that color, if available.

Low-EMF Gigaset DECT Cordless Telephones with ECO Mode Plus

While we strongly recommend that you choose a corded telephone over a cordless one, for those people who feel they still need to use a cordless phone, purchase one of the following models with Eco DECT Plus (it must be Plus, not just ECO Mode). Phones with ECO Mode Plus turn off the radio frequency transmitter in the base unit completely when the phone is in standby mode.

These are made and sold in Europe, but they are available in the US from eBay.

Here are two Gigaset models with ECO Mode Plus. You will actually notice when you click on the links and go to the listings on eBay that the first item listed below is sold out and the second one is on back order. I am told that the availability of these types of phones changes often, because they are quite popular among people trying to reduce their RF exposure. I therefore have chosen to keep the links in place so that you can go to the E-bay website and see other Gigaset models available in the US from Europe. Just be sure that they have an Eco Mode or Eco Mode Plus feature to get the reduced radio frequency levels while on standby.

Siemens Gigaset AS405A Duo Cordless DECT Phone

Siemens Gigaset C620A DECT Cordless Phone

Since any of these models are European phones, you will need an adapter to convert the round prongs used in Europe to the flat blades used in the US. These phones can be plugged into the 120 Volt outlets we have in the US. Some vendors will send you an adapter for free while others say to contact them when ordering to tell them you need an adapter.

For more information on cordless phones with ECO DECT Mode Plus and to learn more details about how you can convert your cordless to a corded telephone network, click here.

Hardwired Workaround for Sonos Wireless Speaker Systems

We recommend hardwired speaker connections whenever possible, not wireless. One of the most popular music systems today, Sonos, is designed to have its speakers connect with each other wirelessly, making it possible to plug and play for easy set up without Ethernet cables.

That's fine for people who don't mind having wireless in their house, but it's not healthy. Fortunately each speaker has an Ethernet jack on the back, allowing you to connect it to the mother unit in a hardwired way. However, simply plugging in an Ethernet cable does not automatically shut off the wireless transmitter and the company told me they knew of no way to do so manually.

We have, however, found a way to disable the Wi-Fi within each Sonos speaker and the mother unit. This workaround can be found by clicking on an article written by blogger Benoit Steiner, accessed here.

You must run an Ethernet cable to each unit. In rooms where you don’t have access to an Ethernet cable, you can use a network adapter, discussed in the Radio Frequency EMF section of the page, Safer Use of Computers.

Otherwise, if no hardwired connection is possible, you can wrap a Sonos unit that is connecting wirelessly in a layer (on all sides) of Argenmesh, a radio-reflective cloth from LessEMF, available here.

Router Guard for Reduction of Radio Frequency Wi-Fi EMFs from Routers

You can purchase the Router Guard when you need Wi-Fi enabled on your router but want to keep your family's exposure to potentially harmful radio frequency Wi-Fi EMF exposure to a minimum. The Guard is made of metal mesh that reduces the signal strength from the router when the Wi-Fi is on but will still allow you to connect wirelessly to the Wi-Fi signal.

Order the Router Guard by clicking here. Please mention my name, Oram Miller, in the “Special Instructions, Comments or Referrals” box when ordering. They have two sizes, a regular size big enough for most routers, and a larger model for big routers and modems that contain routers.

Bear in mind that potentially harmful radio frequency signals do still get through this mesh into your room, even when the signal is reduced, so shut off the Wi-Fi when not needed and only turn on the Wi-Fi sparingly. I discuss how we do this in the Radio Frequency EMF section of my article, Safer Use of Computers.

Shielded Surge Protector

Order a shielded surge protector from Electrahealth.com, the website for Shaun Kranish, an EMF consultant and product retailer in Illinois.

The power cord is shielded from the wall to the outlets on the surge protector. When you flip off the on/off switch, you kill power (voltage) to any cords that are plugged in, thereby eliminating electric fields from all cords plugged in at once. The surge protector's cord, however, is shielded so it never emits an electric field. You can leave that plugged in and you will have no electric fields from the surge protector itself when you flip off the switch.

Protocol to Rewire a Lamp with Shielded AC Power Cord, Called MuCord

To download a protocol that a local lamp or small appliance repair shop can follow to replace an unshielded AC lamp cord with a shielded one, click here. If you use a Mac and don't have Word, download a PDF of this procotol by clicking here.


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