List of Steps to Protect Yourself from Harmful Cell Phone Frequencies

This page last updated April 14, 2009.

Here is Oram's list of steps you can take to protect yourself from harmful cell phone radiation, from least safe to safest:

   1) Continue to use your cell phone right against your head as you have been doing. This is not a good idea in light of all the evidence I provide on the page, Cell Phone and Radio Frequency Risks.

   2) Use the speaker phone option, if your phone has one, and hold the cell phone away from your head at arm's length. This is a better solution except when you need privacy for your call, in which case you will put the phone right against your head, close enough to cause harm. Because that will happen more often than you think, I would not count on this option to help you much in the long run. Still it's better than holding the phone right against your head.

   3) Use the earphone provided by your cell phone manufacturer and hold the phone an arm's length away when you are making a call. This is also better than putting the phone right next to your head all the time, but is not the best solution because the cord can carry frequencies and concentrate them up into your head near your ear.

   4) Use the earphone provided by your cell phone manufacturer and install two ferrite snap beads on the cord. This is the better than using a wired earphone by itself. Purchase the snap beads from Less EMF. Place one at the bottom of the cord where it plugs into the phone and the other about 3/4 of the way up. This blocks radiation coming right out of the phone as well as radiation picked up by the cord by resonance from frequencies transmitted by your cell phone antenna as well as those frequencies transmitted from other cell phones and cell towers in the neighborhood around you.

   5) Purchase an air tube earphone from Less EMF or Radio Frequency Safe and install two ferrite snap beads onto the cord. This is the least harmful option. The plastic tube in the upper-most six inches keeps all frequencies from your head, but you can still have frequencies travel up the cord right out of the cellphone and the cord can still pick up radio frequencies through the air, which then are radiated off the cord and towards your body. That is why the snap beads are still needed. You may need an adapter to accomodate the mini-plug at the bottom of the air tube earphone. Some cell phones do not support the air tube earphone, even with an adapter, in which case you should do option #4 above. If you do use the earphone provided by the cell phone manufacturer instead of an air tube ear phone, you must use two snap beads to block the frequencies that will inevitably come all the way up the cord to the side of your head. Remember that studies lasting more than ten years show an increased incidence of tumors, some fatal, from cell phone use next to the head, and it is higher on the side you habitually hold the phone up to.

   6) Avoid using your cell phone altogether except for a few moments per month. This is actually the safest option.

Also, we do not recommend the use of a Bluetooth headset because you are still exposing your cells to information-carrying radio frequencies. Some say the power output of the Bluetooth is only 1/100th the strength of the transmission power of a cell phone, but studies have shown there is no safe limit to exposure to information-carrying radio frequencies and their effects are cumulative. For that reason, we do not recommend using the Bluetooth.

To link to information about the dangers of cell phone use in cars and what to do about it, click here.

Finally, we also do not recommend using one or more EMF-reducing chips or diodes that some people stick on their cell phone as your only protection against harmful frequencies and then continue to hold the phone against their head. Contrary to what the chip or diode manufacturers claim, recent studies by Dr. George Carlo contradict their assertion that these devices are fully protective against harmful EMFs from cell phones. Dr. Carlo is Founder of the Science and Public Policy Institute, affiliated with the Preventive and Therapeutic Intervention Dispensary - EMR. He is one of the leading researchers on the health risks of exposure to wireless technologies and information-carrying radio frequencies.

Click here to see the medical alert from Dr. Carlo on the reported relapse of symptoms, sometimes greater than those experienced initially, by some people after roughly 18 months of the sole use of a cell phone radiation reduction chip as their only protection against harmful radio frequencies. If you do chose to use one of these devices, do so in conjunction with the steps listed above.

To see Dr. Carlo's list of steps to protect oneself from harmful frequencies from wireless devices, click here and click on "Primary Interventions-EMR" on the left-hand menu of his home page.