Cell Phones, Cordless Phones and Wi-Fi:
How to be Safely Connected in the Wireless Age

This is the second in a series of Articles on EMFs written by Oram Miller, BBEI. The series is inspired by fellow building biologists Ron & Lisa Beres, based in Irvine, California. Ron and Lisa have invited Oram to write articles on EMFs for their blog, Healthy Home Dream Team. This article appeared on their blog on July 5, 2010. The original blog entry can be viewed by clicking here.

This second article discusses strategies to help protect you from harmful health effects while using cell phones, cordless telephones and WiFi.

In our last article, we laid out the growing problem with wireless communications and the concerns that scientists and doctors have that health problems in people constantly using these devices will only increase in the decades ahead.

What can you do to protect yourself while staying connected on the go? The essential feature we have today is portability. Nearly everyone in industrialized countries has a personal cellphone. We can make or receive a call from the car or the grocery store. In our homes, portable telephones allow us to walk around and stay connected. We can surf the Web from almost anywhere. What we gain in mobility and constant contact, however, is counterbalanced by the subtle, gradual, cumulative health effects from close exposure to wireless transmitters.

The solution is twofold: Reduce use, and distance is your friend. First, change your mindset about how important constant connection and portability is to you. When outside the house, use an earphone with your cellphone, preferably an airtube earphone (www.lessemf.com; in Southern California check out my website for local retailers) and place a ferrite (iron) snap bead on the earphone cord. Use the speakerphone, allowing you to hold the phone away from your body. Texting only exposes you to radio frequencies when you hit "Send."

Reduce cellphone use in the car. The steel roof and sides keep transmitted frequencies inside while the tower tells the phone to boost its transmitting signal strength, meaning more frequencies into your brain. Purchase a cellphone with an external antenna jack. Install a roof-top antenna from Alternative Wireless. Avoid using Bluetooth in the car.

When at home, if you receive a call on your cellphone, call the person back from your landline. Make outgoing calls on your landline.

Next, get rid of your cordless telephones. Dust off your old corded telephones from the closet. If you want portability, use a long cord from the telephone to the wall jack and carry the phone wherever you need to sit.

For Internet service, DSL, cable Internet and satellite are all fine and have no EMFs. The Internet stream comes to a modem and safely from there to one computer. No problem so far. The harm comes when you connect to multiple computers using Wi-Fi, or wireless Internet, from your router.

Instead set up a hardwired local area network (LAN) using Ethernet cables from the router to every computer in the house. Category 5e or 6 data cables can be put in walls with a jack in every room where you plug in an Ethernet cable to your computer. Then disable the Wi-Fi on the router and it will be hardwired-only. Be sure to turn off the Wi-Fi on your computer.

Also, don't allow security companies to install a wireless security system. Keep it hardwired.

If you follow these steps, you will have a home without radio frequencies. You may then notice a quieter, more restful sleep and a calmer feeling at home without agitation. You will also protect the long-term health of you and your family. In the next article, we'll discuss EMFs from house wiring.

Oram Miller, BBEI, is a Certified Building Biology Environmental Inspector. He provides EMF (electromagnetic field) evaluations for homes and offices locally in Southern California and nationwide over the telephone. You can contact Oram at 310.720.7686 or www.createhealthyhomes.com.

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