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Note: To learn more about how and when to use these products, go to Safer Use of Computers.

Radio Frequency-Reducing Products

Network Adapter

A network adapter allows you to bring Internet into a room that is not near a router. Uses the electric circuits to bring the Internet to distant rooms without WiFi (don't forget to turn off the WiFi on your computer). Two adapters per box. Either adapter can be the mother unit, connected to the router with an Ethernet cable, supplied with the adapters. The other unit goes in any room where you want Internet. Up t 1200 Mbps. Three data ports on the bottom of each adapter allows up to three Ethernet cables to be plugged in at once, eliminating the need for a data switch in the room where the remote adapter is plugged in. You can even plug two extra devices into the open data ports on the mother adapter.

TP-LINK AV1200 Power Line Starter Kit, 3-Port Gigabit, Pass-through


If you need to expand your network to add a second remote adapter in another room, purchase the single Netgear unit below. Will work with the TP-Link adapters available above. Up to 500 Mbps. If you need two more additional adapters, purchase a second pair of the TP-Link units sold above.

Netgear Powerline 500 1-Port Starter Kit


MOCA unit

Another choice to send Ethernet over wires is to use a MOCA unit, from the Multimedia Over Cable Alliance. This uses your house's existing coaxial cable network, normally used for TV, to send Internet from the room with the router to any other room in the house that has a working coaxial cable. That cable must be networked with the one in the room with the router. You can use a coaxial cable splitter to send data to a TV as well as sending Internet data between rooms. Coaxial cable is shielded so there should be no dirty electricity (at least not the electric field component). Therefore, those with electrical sensitivity should do okay with this technology, but we always suggest that you try it to make sure.

Here are two choices:

Actiontec Bonded MoCA 2.0 Ethernet to Coax Adapter, 2 Pack (ECB6200K02)

You can buy additional single units of the Actiontec MOCA unit by clicking here or on the image below.

Here is another choice for a MOCA unit (this unit is used): Legrand DA2204V1 Four Port Coax Network Adapter


Ethernet Cables

A large selection of Ethernet cables is available here.


Adapters for Macbook to Ethernet

Connect an Ethernet cable to your thin Macbook laptop with either of these two adapters. Macbooks do not have an Ethernet port like older, thicker Mac and PC laptops do.

Thunderbolt-to-Ethernet Adapter

USB-to-Ethernet Adapter


Adapter for Newest Macbook with Single USB-C port to Ethernet (via USB to Ethernet adapter)

The newest Macbooks and Macbook Pros have only a single USB-C port (double on the Pro) for charging, video and data exchange. You will find no standard USB or Thunderbolt ports like on their predecessors. Every other function is now wireless.

To stay hardwired for Internet access, order the adapter below to provide a standard USB port, into which you can plug a USB-to-Ethernet adapter, available above.

Apple USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter


Adapters for PC Laptop to Ethernet

Connect an Ethernet cable to your thin PC laptop with this adapter. For newer, thinner PC laptops without an RJ-45 Ethernet jack. Plugs into the laptop's USB port. No driver needed (or it downloads automatically). It is plug and play.

USB to Ethernet, USB Network Adapter, CableCreation USB to RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet Adapter, USB 3.0 to 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet, No Driver Required, Black


Adapter for Mac Laptop to Ground the AC Power Cord

Mac laptop AC power cords that use the two-pronged adapter with the two blades that swing out will produce high AC electric field EMFs when you touch the laptop. This adapter is plugged into one corner of the white in-line transformer box so you can plug the transformer box directly into a surge protector or wall AC outlet.

To avoid this, you need the cord that came in the box with the laptop (at least up until recently) with the three-pronged plug at the end. Pull the two-pronged adapter off the white transformer box (and throw it away). Slide the end of the grounded AC power cord onto the corner of the white transformer box where the adapter slid off of, and now your Mac laptop is grounded. You won't get tired anymore when working on your laptop like you might have before when it was ungrounded.

If your Mac laptop did not come with this grounded cord or you have lost it, you can order one from Amazon here:

Pwr+ Ac Extension Cord for Apple Macbook Pro, Air, 1, 2, Mac, Mini, A1278, A1181, A1286, Ibook, G4, 922-9173 922-5463 Laptop Iphone Ipad Power Supply Adapter Volex Cable (Us 3 Prong)


Apple Corded Mouse and Keyboard

Purchase an affordable used or refurbished Apple corded mouse through Amazon from the following source:

Apple Wired Mouse

Here is a source for a new wired Apple Mouse:

Apple Mouse Wired

A selection of Apple Wired Keyboards is available here.


PC Corded Mouse and Keyboard

To find a wired mouse for your PC, a large selection is available here.

A large selection of PC Wired Keyboards is available here.


Modem without WiFi

Here is a modem that does not transmit a WiFi signal. Since it doesn't have a router inside of it, which is why it has no WiFi, you will need to purchase a separate router, such as one of the router models listed in the next item.

This modem is approved by Spectrum (formerly Time Warner), Cox, Comcast and most other cable companies. It is not compatible with Frontier's FIOS or ATT's U-Verse, which are Internet services provided by your local telephone company.

Purchasing the Surfboard modem below means you don't have to pay the cable company the monthly fee to rent the modem they give you, which is usually $10 per month.

Most importantly, you avoid the new public WiFi "hot spot" that now transmits from newer modem models with a built-in router that cable companies put in customer's houses around the country. This powerful WiFi signal cannot be shut off by you, and when the cable company's customer support turns it off for you, it reactivates itself during an update. Avoid this altogether by purchasing your own modem without a built-in router, such as the Surfboard model listed below.

The download speed is 1.4 Gbps and the color is white for the ARRIS SURFboard SB6190 DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem.


Router without WiFi

Here is a router that does not contain WiFi. It only provides Internet using Ethernet cables, over a so-called hardwired "Local Area Network" or LAN. Up to four devices can be plugged in to this model.

Trendnet TW100-S4W1CA 4-Port Broadband Router

Note: This router does not have a USB port, meaning you cannot ground it like you can with the routers and Ethernet Switch shown below. This means you will have high electric field EMFs when you plug an Ethernet cable into this router and then into a laptop that is on battery.

In order to avoid the high electric fields that doing so will create, you will need to attach a grounded AC power cord to your laptop, or connect a USB Ground Cord, available from LessEMF. See below for details.


Routers with WiFi switch

Here are two models of routers that have WiFi with a switch to turn that WiFi on and off:

Please see the note below about avoiding potentially harmful electric fields when using either of these routers with an Ethernet cable connected to an ungrounded laptop on battery.

Netgear N600 Dual Band WiFi Router, model WNDR3400 The WiFi on/off switch is on the back of this model.

TP-LINK TL-WR1042ND The WiFi on/off switch is on the front of this model.

Note: Both of these routers also have a built-in USB port on the back, which allows you to plug in a USB Ground Cord, available from LessEMF. That grounds the router.

When you then plug in an Ethernet cable that you run to your laptop to avoid WiFi, the laptop will then also be grounded. This is important in eliminating AC electric field EMFs that occur when you plug an Ethernet cable into a laptop that is on battery. The Ethernet cord conveys extremely high electric fields when you put your hands on the keyboard of that laptop because most routers are powered with a two-pronged plug, and are therefore ungrounded. People report fatigue when touching their now ungrounded laptop for long periods of time. You have basically removed one type of EMF, radio frequencies, by shutting off WiFi, and replaced it with another, electric fields.

To remedy this, you can plug in your grounded AC power cord or plug the USB Ground Cord directly into your laptop, but the USB Ground Cord is rather short. Plugging the USB Ground Cord into the USB port on the router and then into a nearby properly grounded outlet or surge protector means you don't have to run any cords to your laptop other than your Ethernet cable.


Cable Modem that Supports both Internet and Telephone (without WiFi)

Here is a modem that provides both Interent and telephone service from the cable company without WiFi (check with your cable company to make sure they support this product):

Arris TM822g DOCSIS 3.0 Telephony Cable Modem

Note: I am unable to determine whether this unit has a USB port or not, meaning I do not know if you can ground it like you can with the routers and Ethernet Switch shown above and below. This means you will have high electric field EMFs when you plug an Ethernet cable into this router and then into a laptop that is on battery.


Ethernet Switch (without USB Port)

When you are not in the same room as the router and have more than one device, such as two computers, that need to be on the Internet at the same time, you will need an Ethernet Switch, also known as a Hub. Plug one end of an Ethernet cable into a wall Ethernet jack, if you have one, or into a Network adapter (either of which will get the Internet into this room) and plug the other end of the Ethernet cable into this Switch. You then have up to four ports to plug multiple Ethernet cables into. This unit does not transmit WiFi.

Please see the note below about avoiding potentially harmful electric fields when using this Ethernet Switch with an Ethernet cable connected to an ungrounded laptop on battery.

TP-Link 5-Port Gigabit Ethernet Web Managed Easy Smart Switch (TL-SG105E)


Note: This Ethernet Switch is, unfortunately, not grounded. As described above, you therefore need to keep your grounded laptop AC power cord plugged into your laptop when you attach an Ethernet cable that is also plugged into this Switch. Otherwise, the Ethernet cable will carry potentially harmful electric fields to the laptop you are touching.

You can get around this by purchasing an Ethernet Switch with a built-in USB port, which allows the Switch to itself be grounded. Such a unit is offered in the next item below. (The only other ways to avoid these harmful electric fields is to keep your laptop grounded with the AC power cord plugged in or with a USB Ground Cord that is plugged directly into a USB port on the laptop and into a nearby properly grounded outlet, however it is rather short. See below for ordering information for the USB Ground Cord.)


Ethernet Switch (with USB Port)

This Ethernet Switch has two USB Ports. This allows grounding of the Switch with a USB Ground Cord from LessEMF. That way, when you plug an Ethernet cable into this Switch and plug the other end of the Ethernet cable into your laptop while it is on battery (meaning no grounded AC power cord is plugged in), you will not get high AC electric fields when you put your hands on the laptop. This unit does not transmit WiFi.

I realize this Switch is almost twice the price as the non-grounded Ethernet Switch linked to above and it has more Ethernet ports than you will likely need, but it is the only affordable Ethernet Switch I could find on Amazon that also has a USB port that you can use for grounding. You don't want electric fields when you use your laptop on battery with the Ethernet cable plugged in, as using an Ethernet cable plugged into an Ethernet Switch that is not grounded while on battery makes certain people feel tired.

Order the USB Ground Cord from LessEMF by clicking here. (If this link does not take you directly to the USB Ground Cord on the LessEMF website, you may need to scroll down to the third item on the page.)

Here is the Ethernet Switch with USB ports from Amazon:

NETGEAR GSS108E 8-Port Gigabit Smart Managed Plus Click Switch


Blu-ray Player for Internet TV without WiFi

This unit provides Internet-based TV (Netflix, Hulu, YouTube) to your TV set in a hardwired way. Plug an Ethernet cable into the Blu-ray player and an HDMI cable from the player to your TV set.

Then access the Blu-ray control settings using the on-screen prompts on your TV set. Go to Network and choose Hardwired. I have verified with my RF meter that the WiFi signal from the Blu-ray player is successfully turned off.

Samsung Blu-ray Player w/ Built-In WiFi- BD-JM57C-(Certified Refurbished)


Corded Telephones

You can purchase from a variety of corded telephone models available from Amazon by clicking here. Be aware that not all models listed on that page are completely cordless. In fact, always be sure to avoid a model that also has a cordless unit in the box, as that means that besides having a corded handset, it also has a radio frequency transmitter inside the base unit.


Safer Baby Monitors and Security Cameras

The first option to reduce potentially harmful radio frequency EMFs at the crib (and near the monitor that Mom has near her) or to avoid radio frequencies from a security camera is to use a D-Link Wireless HD Day/Night Network Surveillance Camera. The WiFi shuts off when you plug in an Ethernet cable. You will need to order a pair of Network Adapters, listed above, or run Ethernet cable to your baby's bedroom or to the security camera to connect to your router and to the D-Link website.

Then go to the secure D-Link website on any laptop to see and hear your baby without any radio frequency EMFs near the crib. Be sure to also use an Ethernet cable to your laptop and turn off the WiFi on the computer.

D-Link Wireless HD Day/Night Network Surveillance Camera


The SmartNOVA Baby Monitor is a cordless camera and microphone that sends its signal wirelessly. However, the manufacturer is aware of EMFs and has set the signal strength very low. It is relatively safe at six feet and beyond. I would not recommend putting this monitor closer than six feet from the crib, or from Mom.

You can order the SmartNOVA Baby Monitor from Bellyarmor by clicking here.

To learn more about how and when to use these safer alternatives to wireless baby monitors, go to Healthy Baby Monitors and Surveillance Cameras.


Clamp Meter

The Triplett 9200A Clamp Meter allows you to measure current on metal grounding paths, such as water pipes and TV cables. You will also be able to measure individual conductors within circuits, such as the hot, neutral and ground wire, as well as measure for net current on the whole circuit. This small clamp meter allows you to get into tight spaces, such as inside junction boxes and breaker panels.

Triplett 9200A Clamp Meter


Remote Electric Outlet Shut-Off Switch

The Etekcity Wireless Remote Control Electrical Outlet Switch for Household Appliances, also known as the Zap Wireless Remote Control Switch, allows you to remotely shut off an electric appliance that is plugged into a hard to reach outlet. This eliminates voltage in plastic AC power cords to bedside lamps and other appliances within six to eight feet of where you sleep. Use to shut off the lamps at the outlet without having to reach down to a plugged-in switch. The following item provides one Zap remote controlled plug.

Etekcity Wireless Remote Control Electrical Outlet Switch

Etekcity also makes a package that contains three Zap remote-controlled plugs that you then control from one bedside remote. There will be a different button for each Zap plug.

Etekcity Wireless Remote Control Electrical Outlet Switch


Manual Electric Outlet Shut-Off Switches

You can use a plug-in switch at outlets, if you can reach them, to eliminate voltage in plastic AC power cords to bedside lamps and other appliances within six to eight feet of where you sleep. Leave the lamp switch on and turn off the light at the outlet using a plug-in switch. You will have to reach down to the outlet to manually shut off the switch and lamp each night. These are available at local hardware stores or from Amazon at:

Leviton Plug-in Switch Tap


If you need a grounded, three-pronged shut-off switch, you can order one of the following items:

GE 25511 Handy Grounded Power Switch White

Belkin Conserve Power Switch


Three-to-one Outlet Adapter

If you need to plug more than two devices into an outlet, you can increase the number of places to insert plugs, whether grounded (two-pronged) or ungrounded (three-pronged), by using the following item:

GE grounded three outlet Tap


Outlet Circuit Tester

This device allows you to check for the presence of proper grounding in any outlet. The center amber light tells you the circuit breaker is on and the outlet is live. The outer amber light tells you the outlet is properly grounded.

That outer amber light needs to be on and as bright as the middle amber light. If the outer light is dim, the ground is loose and is as good as not being there. You need to have an electrician repair a loose or non-existent ground.

Making sure your outlet is properly grounded keeps electric field EMFs down when using your laptop or desktop computer (for which you always need a three-pronged, grounded plug--see item above entitled, "Adapter for Mac Laptop to Ground the AC Power Cord," if you have a Mac laptop and have lost your grounded AC power cord, and my article on Safer Use of Computers in the section on Electric Field EMFs).

Outlet / Receptacle Tester, Standard 120V AC Outlets


Non-Contact Voltage Tester

This device allows you to know that the cord or outlet you are testing is live and has 120 Volts on it. Live voltage at 120 Volts causes AC electric field EMF exposure, even when the load, such as a lamp, is turned off.

Non-Contact Voltage Tester


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