View Slides and Video of Oram's EMF and Radio Frequency Lecture


This page last updated October 16, 2016.

To view updated power point slides from the EMF and Radio Frequency (RF) lecture that Oram presents, click here.

You can open the PDF file to view the slides directly from my website server or click "save" to download the file to your hard drive for later viewing.

To view a video of an EMF lecture that Oram gave at the 41st Annual Cancer Convention in Universal City on August 31, 2013, click here. The video may take a few minutes to load in your browser, so be patient. Once it is loaded, it should open and begin playing. It is roughly 28 minutes long.

Oram discussed the effects of EMFs on health. This includes EMFs from cell phones, cordless telephones, Wi-Fi and the wiring in and around your home. Oram also explained what types of EMFs exist in homes, how they are created, how they affect our health, and what we can do about them in our homes.

To view the slides that Oram presented at a lecture entitled, "EMF Evaluations in Home Inspecting", at Inspection Universe, the annual convention of InterNACHI (International Association of Certified Home Inspectors), click here. The lecture was presented in Orlando, Florida on March 15, 2016.

To view the slides that Oram presented in the webinar entitled, "Reducing occupant exposure to EMFs in residential construction, Part 3: Assessing and Mitigating AC Electric Field EMFs" click here. This was presented by the Green Home Institute as part of its webinar series on EMFs in residential construction.
To access the archives of past webinars and to see a schedule of remaining webinars in the series, click here.

To see a schedule of Oram's upcoming and past lectures, click here.

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